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Language Practice | English–German Tandem Partners Needed

Would you like an extracurricular opportunity to practice English?

IES Abroad (Institute for the International Education of Students) is an American study abroad organization with programs in Freiburg. They want to match their students with suitable tandem partners in order for them to meet local students and practice their German. The idea is to meet up regularly and divide the time spent per language about 50/50 (more or less!).

This does not need to be in the form of a “sterile” lesson, but can involve communal activities, meeting for coffee, or helping with the correction of papers, etc.

If interested, please contact
Joanna King by email and outline your hobbies and interests. Please indicate whether your tandem partner should be male, female, or whether it does not matter, and how much time per week you can invest in the tandem.

Joanna King

Director of Student Affairs, IES Abroad

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