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New Class: "Changing the Nation: American Democracy in the Age of Donald Trump"

An exciting new seminar has been added to the course catalog for the WS 2017–18.

This course will explore how American politics has gotten to where it is today and where it will go from here. We will study how American politics has shifted over the past 40 years, with a rise in neoconservatism and neoliberalism, increased political polarization, and rise of the Right.

Questions the course will explore include:

  • What short- and long-term factors led to the election of Donald Trump?
  • How is the Trump administration changing the United States and geopolitics?
  • Why are politics in America so polarized?
  • How did the American Right rise in political power?
  • What is the difference in political infrastructure of the Right and the Left and how has it led to radically different political and policy outcomes?
  • What are likely scenarios for moving forward in American politics?
  • What are the best pathways for reforming American democracy?
  • How are American citizen movements and local governments changing state and national policy, and why do movements like the Tea Party succeed and movements like Occupy Wall Street fail?

Special attention will be given to connecting emerging topics in American politics to these questions.


Mondays, 10 am–12 pm (please note the time change, it was originally listed as 12–2 pm)

Instructor: Dominic Frongillo

Room: KG IV 4008


More information and registration

  • You have until this Sunday, September 17 to register!
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