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Post-Racial Symposium | Organize a Workshop for M.A. Credits


On February 15–17, 2019, a large symposium will take place in Freiburg called Visions for a Post-Racial Society – Spaces for Thought. The symposium is organized in cooperation with the Cargo Theater Freiburg and Wilsicom Productions from Togo, with the participation of many local institutes, organizations and initiatives who are involved in topics related to colonialism and postcolonialism or who work to combat racism. Keynotes, workshops, dance performances, talks, movie screenings and a performative reading are just some of the planned events, all open to the public.

Interested students can become part of the action by organizing a workshop on the topic ‘Poetics of Migration: African Diaspora Literatures’, to take place on February 16, 2019. The students will work together to decide on the content, invite speakers, and raise funds independently. Depending on the M.A. program, 5–6 ECTS credits can be awarded.

The workshop is supported by Johanna Dangel (zusammen leben e.V.) and PD Dr. Nicole Falkenhayner.

The first info meeting will take place on October 9, 10–11 a.m., in KG IV, Room 4008.

No sign-up necessary.


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