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As is common practice at universities in the English-speaking world, German universities have recently engaged in efforts to establish and maintain contact with former graduates. Unlike universities in the United States, however, the main purpose of these efforts is not to solicit donations. Instead, the primary interest lies in gradually building and expanding an elaborate network of relations between current students and alumni and the department. This network functions as a valuable resource for recent department graduates as alumni with professional experience are able to provide useful insights and impart practical knowledge aiding in the transition to a post-academic career, especially in the case that students intend to pursue a career other than teaching.


As the University of Freiburg English Department continually seeks to improve its undergraduate and graduate programmes, alumni are encouraged to submit feedback regarding the structure, content and organisation of the respective courses of study.


In order to foster a sense of community between current students and academic staff on the one hand, and current students and alumni on the other, the department frequently organises interesting events and activities, such as the 200th year anniversary of the English Department in July of 2008, and always participates in Alumni Day, held regularly by the university.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the department alumni organisation, please contact the Department Chair.


We are looking forward to building an ever-growing network with you!

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