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Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies is a full-time undergraduate course of study spanning six semesters. This well-established B.A. program provides graduates with the essentials of a liberal arts education, with in-depth knowledge of English language, literature and culture. In addition to intercultural skills and near-native competence in spoken and written English, this program offers a better understanding of the structure and use of the English language. Students gain a deep awareness of theoretical linguistics (syntax, morphology, semantics, pragmatics, phonology, phonetics) as well as applied linguistics (EFL teaching, first and second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics). The program also provides students with an overview of North American, British and postcolonial literature, including its historical and cultural background. The ability to read and analyze both literary and non-literary texts is enhanced by familiarity with theoretical approaches to British/American literary and cultural studies (including literary history, cultural theory, narratology and intermedial analysis).The overarching objective of this bachelor’s program is to create expertise in linguistic, literary and cultural developments specific to the English-speaking world.

There are countless advantages associated with studying English and American Studies at the University of Freiburg. Besides the excellent quality of teaching, there is a large selection of courses designed to develop and foster English language proficiency. The relatively small number of students enrolled makes for a close-knit community, and both the faculty and administration provide one-on-one student advising.

In contrast to degree types formerly offered at German universities (e.g. Diplom), students’ academic performance in a bachelor’s program is assessed according to cumulative coursework and exams completed over the course of their studies, rather than according to their performance on final exams at the end of their studies.


It is also possible to minor in English and American Studies. See here for more information.

Students from other departments and faculties may also enroll in English Department lectures to fulfill their general education and professional skills (BOK) requirements.

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