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Double-Major Bachelor's + Teaching Option

The former secondary-school teaching degree, known as Lehramt an Gymnasien, was overhauled in 2015. In line with European and international standards, the University of Freiburg now offers a Double-Major Bachelor's + Teaching Option in conjunction with a Master of Education for those who wish to become secondary school teachers. Secondary schools are divided into three streams in Germany. This degree program qualifies you to teach at Gymnasien. Please note that programs for teaching at the other two streams, Hauptschule and Realschule, as well as elementary schools, are offered by the Freiburg College of Education (PH).

To become fully qualified secondary school teachers, students must complete both the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. During their bachelor’s, students in the English Department study English plus another subject as majors, and take the Teaching Option courses.

Students also have the option to spend one or two semesters abroad in an English-speaking country during the course of their studies. In the master’s portion of the program, students must complete a semester-long practicum to gain valuable classroom experience. Upon completion of their Master of Education, they begin their student teaching placement (Referendariat), which lasts for one and a half years, always beginning in January.


Transfer Students

For those students who are interested in transferring to the University of Freiburg after their second semester of studies (English as a major), we ask that you recognize that not all credits earned at your current university can be transferred, therefore you may have to repeat some courses. Transfer students should apply well in advance, i.e. several months prior to the beginning of the following semester. Please provide detailed university transcripts indicating your current semester, modules, the courses you’ve taken, plus grades and ECTS credits earned in those courses.

We strongly encourage students who have studied elsewhere for more than two semesters to carefully consider the decision to transfer. Transferring during the later stages of your studies means that you may need to tack on additional semesters in order to complete your degree.
For those students currently majoring in other academic disciplines, changing your course of study and/or transferring universities requires that you participate in the same application process as first-time undergraduate students.

Further Information

Please see the following pages for further information concerning the Double-Major Bachelor’s + Teaching Option:

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