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Important Facts about 'Anglistik'

We have asked Bachelor, Magister and Lehramt students in different years of study which aspects of 'Anglistik' they find particularly important - first-hand knowledge and information about studying Anglistik which cannot be found in any descriptions of the degree programme or in the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung), but certainly worth knowing!

Below are some of the answers we've compiled:


Did you know that...


  1. No one studies just literature or linguistics? Each of the undergraduate degree programmes consists of different modules that are listed in your Prüfungsordnung: besides linguistics, literature, and language courses there are also course offerings in cultural studies, applied geography, Celtic studies, English language teaching and much more...
  2. Students of Anglistik at the University of Freiburg can be proud of the fact that they are studying in one of the best organized Student Bodys in all of Germany
  3. Independence, organisational skills, self-discipline and a great work ethic are absolute musts...
  4. English is one of the European languages with the largest inventory of vocabulary; not only is there plethora of borrowed words from Latin, French and the Scandanavian languages, there is also copious borrowing from Greek, Indian languages and German
  5. An excellent command of spoken and written English is not the aim of studying 'Anglistik', rather it is a prerequisite
  6. Linguistics is an empirical science
  7. The difference between Old English and Present Day English is just as great as that between Middle High German and today's standard German
  8. The introductory level lectures are extremely demanding, as are the exams
  9. English is not only spoken in the United Kingdom and the United States of America...
  10. Anglistik at the University of Freiburg English Department is one of the best in the nation
  11. Students cannot always take only classes they find fun and interesting
  12. BUT: it is more interesting to engage in discussions of new and challenging material
  13. Students should be informed about the requirements of their individual course of study (this can be done by reading the Prüfungsordnung)...
  14. There is a wide array of courses on various topics
  15. Nearly all lectures and seminars are held in the English language barring few exceptions
  16. Success does not happen on its own...
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