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Doctorates and postdoctoral lecturing qualifications

Below is a short list of ongoing and completed dissertations and postdoctoral lecturing qualifications:




Ongoing theses:


Flügge, Anna
James Elroy and the Novel of Obsession
Thalmann, Katharina
 "A Plot to Make Us Look Foolish": The Marginalization of Conspiracy Theory, 1950-1980 
Akram, Rabia
Deviation in Postcolonial Narrative Discourse: A Stylistic Analysis of Pakistani English Female Writers
Alders, MaximilianMind-Telling in the Victorian Novel
Cambiaghi, MaraA.S. Byatt's World of Tales and Metaphors
Finger, SebastianRealism in Middle English Plays 
Herlyn, Anne
Dialogue and Narrative Structure in Selected Middle English Verse Romances
Kubowitz, Hanna
Stages of Queerness:  British Drama of the Twentieth Century
Pirlet, CarolineEmpathetic Narratology: A Diachronic Theory of Narrative Emotion
Quick, James Robert
The Gothic Sublime from Walpole to Stoker
Shams, Golnaz
Collectives and Mentalities in Drama: Intermental Thought in Stage
Weiler, ChristianPrekäre Räume in der Postmoderne 
Chiluwa, MollyConstructing HIV/AIDS in African female writings: A focus on Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa
Churn, NatalieNegotiating Concepts of Time in Australian Popular Culture
Ertle, AndreaThe Image of Families in Contemporary British Children’s Fiction
Göb, Kathrin
Repräsentationen und Reflexionen der Militär-Medien Interrelationen in britischen Memoiren zum Ersten Weltkrieg und zu den 'Medienkriegen' am Golf, im ehemaligen Jugoslawien und im Irak
Ibach, KatrinThe Revival of the Byronic Hero in Contemporary Popular Culture
Kattanek, Sita MariaRepresentations of Organ Transplants: Western Fantasies and Black Market Realities
Hadamitzky, ChristianeCompeting Semantics and Modes of Presentation – the Negotiation of the Heroic in Victorian Family Magazines
Hermann, Martin
Secular Apocalyptic Fiction in Britain
Hollborn, Sarah
Genderzuschreibungen im Werk Mary Shelleys
Lechner, DorisHistories for the Many: The Victorian Family Magazine and Popular Representations of the Past
Leiendecker, Thorsten
Cultural Intermediaries: The Postmodern State of High/Pop Culture
Rösch, Dorothea
Verhandlungen von Sicherheit im zeitgenössischen britischen Kriminalroman
 Takors, JonasTudor History in Popular Culture
Zipp, Georg
Faultlines in the Imaginary: Reconfigurations of Poverty in Contemporary Anglophone Caribbean Fiction
Barkhatova, Olga
English as a third language for Russian immigrants to Germany
 Maurer, Anne-JulieAcquisition of Subphonemic Contrasts by German L2 Learners of English
 Scharf, SusanneLexical representation of vocabulary in the bilingual brain
Borgerding, Kathrin
Postmodern Ethics 
Fegert, Kai
Feiten, Elmo
President Andrew Jackson in der amerikanischen Kulturgeschichte, 1815-2005
Max Stirner: Radical Enlightenment between Anarchism and Poststructuralism
Glaubitz, Marko
(Post)human roots and visions in contemporary science fiction characters
Holzgräbe, Kerstin
Kim Stanley Robinson 
Mayer-Buehler, Julia
Cultural Studies: The Process of Globalization Mirrored by Contemporary South African and Namibian fiction, Films and Music
Sultany, Aiyal
Persuasion Strategies Used in Political Texts
Vlad, Carla
Volovyk, Yuliya
The Modernist Revolt: Deconstruction of Dualistic Paradigms and the Re-Creation of the True Human Self - with Oscar Wilde, Aldous Huxley and the "Absurdists" or: How to Make Sense of Senseless
The Anglophone Literature of Ukrainian Diaspora
Wurth, Wandelinus
Zander, Hubertus
Discomfort with Huckleberry Finn
Emplotting the Rosenbergs - The Cultural Memory of Fiction and Non-Fiction on America's Atom Spies
Zehringer, Anja

Bai, Yinchun

Towards discourse markers: a cross-linguistic study of grammatical constructionalization
Bour, AnthonyDescription of multiple modality in contemporary Scotland: Double and triple modals in the Scottish borders
Ehret, KatharinaA corpus based study of information theoretic complexity in World Englishes
Ilin, Natascha
Perception of Mistakes and Their Gravity in L1 and L2 
Juskan, MartenChanging stereotypes in urban northern England - the sociolinguistic dimension of salience 
 Lunkenheimer, KerstinLearner characteristics as common ground in New Englishes? Focus on Southeast Asia
 Roller, Katja On the relation between salience and frequency in Welsh English grammar
 Schneider, AgnesMorphosyntactic Variation in the New Englishes: Tense and Aspect in Varieties in Africa and the Caribbean
 Schroeter, VerenaZero subjects, topicalisation and information structure in contact varieties of English
Frankiewics, Shane
The Western: A Diachronic Analysis of the all-American Genre
Huang, Mingsha
The Arts of Subversion: On Alice's Walkers Novels in the Light of Feminist Theories
Sands, Sarah
African American Crime Fiction of the 20th Century
Beck, Jan Hendrik
American norms of academic discourse and the non-native speaking scholar
Cobet, AnastasiaLocal Identity Construction in a Global Media Format: Discourse-Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Big Brother in the United States, Spain, and Germany 
Gundermann, Susanne
English as a Lingua Franca - Modelling the Role of the Native Speaker
Hajiyan, Mehdi
Cohesion in Iranian Learner English
Holz, Johanna
Dialect levelling and koinéization in early 20th century Britain: new evidence from the WWI Phonographische Kommission recordings
Leung, Glenda-AliciaSociolinguistic Change in Trinidad Creole English 
Lorenz, David
Frequency and cognitive representation in the emergence of new English modals
 Mazahery, HamzehThe Verb in Iranian Learner English: A Corpus-Based Study
 Moll, AndreaThe globalization of Jamaican Creole: a web-based analysis of short-term historical trends and the current dynamics of language contact
Seggewiß, geb. Müller, Friederike
Current changes in the English modals
Trasca, Luminita
Information densification in English and Romanian written styles: a comparative study of contact, frequency and change
Winkle, Claudia
Information Highlighting in Standard Irish English
Fegert, Kai
Andrew Jackson
Bismark, Christina
Analyticisation of verbal inflection? Patterns of verbal -s use in the varieties of English as compared to subject-verb agreement patterns in the Brittonic languages 
Meinking Guimaraes, Luciana
The uses of secular rulers and characters in the Welsh Saints' Lives in the Vespasian Legendary (MS. Cotton Vespasian A. xiv)
Schustereder, Stefan
Identity Construction in British texts of the early Middle Ages




Completed theses:


AYAFOR, Munang Isaiah. Official bilingualism in Cameroon: an empirical evaluation of the status of English in official domains(Mair)

BAY, Katja. Im Spiegel der Zukunft: Wissensethik und ihre Verbreitung im populären Fernsehen am Beispiel von Star Trek: Voyager. (Korte)

BLUMENTHAL, Alice. Entrenchment in usage-based theories: What corpus data do and do not reveal about the mind. (Kortmann)

CHITEZ, Madalina. Lexico-grammatical profiles of Romanian learner English: a corpus-based study. (Mair)

DIACONU, Gabriela. Modality in New Englishes: A Corpus-Based Study of Obligation and Necessity. (Mair)

DEUBER, Dagmar. Nigerian Pidgin in Lagos: language contact, variation and change in an African urban setting. (Mair)

DUESTERBERG, Susanne. The Past in the Present: The Discourse of Archaeology in British Literature and Culture in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries. (Korte)

EHLERDING, Hannes. Changing Norms in English Language Teaching: The Present and Future of Foreign Language Education at German ‘Gymnasien’. (Kortmann)

FEHRLE, Johannes. Western Revisions after 1960 in a Transnational Perspective. (Hochbruck)

GÜNTHER, Ulrike. What's in a laugh? A study of humour, jokes and laughter based on the spoken component of the BNC. (Mair)

HAMILTON, Theresa. Humurous Structures in Comic English Narratives, 1200-1600. (Fludernik)

HERNANDEZ, Nuria. Pronouns in Dialects of English: A Corpus-Based Study of Non-Standard Phenomena. (Kortmann)

HINRICHS, Lars. Jamaican Creole on the internet: forms and functions of an oral language in computer-mediated communication. (Mair)

HÖHN, Nicole. Quotatives in the Jamaican acrolect: Corpus-based variationist studies of vernacular globalisation in World Englishes. (Mair)

HUNDT, Marianne. New Zealand English and its relation to British and American English. (Mair)

JANTOS, Susanne. Morphosyntax in Educated Jamaican English: A Comparison of Spoken and Written Usage in ICE-Jamaica. (Mair)

KOSSMANN, Bianca. "Rich" and "poor" in the history of English: corpus-based analyses of lexico-semantic variation and change in Old and Middle English. (Mair)

LAVERSUCH, Iman M. The discourse of race: a historical analysis based on usage in the US: Census and related sources. (Mair)

MOLLIN, Sandra. The Institutionalization of Euro-English? Form and function of an emerging non-native variety of English in Europe. (Mair)

NITZL, Irene. Pidgin im zeitgenössischen nigerianischen Drama. (Mair)

PERCILLIER, Michael. Accent unites, syntax divides? Varying degrees of nativisation of English in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. (Mair)

PIRKER, Eva Ulrike. 429 and More: Recent Narrative Projections of a Black British History. (Korte)

RACZ, Péter. Salience in sociolinguistics. (Kortmann)

ROSENFELDER, Ingrid. Jamaican English Pronunciation: An accoustic Analysis of the Spoken Component of ICE-Jamaica. (Mair)

SAND, Andrea. Linguistic variation in Jamaica: a corpus-based study of radio and newspaper usage. (Mair)

SANDERSON, Tamsin. Corpus, Culture, Discourse. (Mair)

VON SCHILLING, Martin. Optimising language teaching in university settings: an empirical evaluation of two didactic approaches. (Mair)

SCHRÖDER, Anne. Status, functions, and prospects of Pidgin English in Cameroon. (Mair)

SCHÜLY, Christoph. Charles Dickens: Popularisierungen eines populären Autors im 19., 20. und 21. Jahrhundert. (Korte)


SCHULZ, Monika. Modals in Varieties of English. (Kortmann)
SEDLATSCHEK, Andreas. Variation and change in contemporary Indian English: a corpus-based description.(Mair)


SPITTEL, Christina. Based on a True Story: The Great War in Australian Novels, 1914-2008. (Korte)

WAIBEL, Birgit. Phrasal verbs in learner English: A corpus-based study of German and Italian students. (Mair)

WHALEN, Tom. The Birth of Death and Other Comedies: The Novels of Russell H. Greenan. (Hochbruck)









Recently registered:


BLUMENTHAL, Alice. Processing-based theories of word order universals: A neurolinguistic perspective.





ALTENDORF, Ulrike. World Wide English on the World Wide Web: Using the Cybercorpus to Document and Monitor Lexicogrammatical Variability in Standard Englishes. (Mair)

BARTH-WEINGARTEN, Dagmar. Cesuring in talk-in-interaction: A parametric approach to "intonation units" and their role in turn-taking, language variation and language change. (Mair)

BIRKE, Dorothee. Writing the Reader: Three Centuries of English Quixotic Fiction. (Fludernik)

CHRIST, Birte. Debating the Death Penalty. American Culture and Capital Punishment (AT). (Lemke)

FEST, Kerstin. A Peep Behind the Curtain: Theatrical Discourses in 18th-Century England. (Fludernik)

HASER, Verena. Pragmatic Impairment in Asperger's Syndrome. (Kortmann)

HEYD, Theresa. Globalized communication, globalized vernaculars: the cases of Jamaican Creole and Nigerian Pidgin. (Mair)

KOHLMANN, Benjamin. The End of Laissez Faire: Literature, Liberalism and Economic Discourse, 1870-1930. (Fludernik)

LANGSTROF, Christian. Sociophonetic learning in adults. (Kortmann)

LACOSTE, Veronique. Haitians’ Diasporic English: Development, Structure and Social Functioning. (Mair)

LEIMGRUBER, Jacob. Global Englishes in multilingual settings. (Mair)

NANDI, Miriam. The Regulation of the Passions: Affect in Early Modern Diaries 1600-1800. (Fludernik)

PIRKER, Ulrike. The Long Poem in English Literature (AT). (Korte)




ALBER, Jan. Unnatural Narrative: Impossible Worlds in Fiction and Drama. (Fludernik)


ANDERWALD, Lieselotte. Non-Standard Verb Paradigms in Traditional British English Dialects: Morphological Naturalness and Comparative Dialect Grammar. (Kortmann)

DEUBER, Dagmar. Style and standards in English in the Caribbean: Morphological and syntactic variation in Jamaica and Trinidad. (Mair)

FISCHER, Roswitha. Sprachwandel im Lexikon des heutigen Englisch. Eine korpusgestützte Studie zu Motivation, Institutionalisierung und Produktivität englischer Wortbildungen seit ca. 1960. (Mair)

HUNDT, Marianne. English mediopassive constructions: a cognitive, corpus-based study of their origin, spread and current status. (Mair)

KRUG, Manfred. English Pronouns: Present and Past. (Kortmann)

LETHBRIDGE, Stefanie. Lyrik im Gebrauch: Gedichtanthologien in der englischen Druckkultur, 1557-2007. (Korte)

OLSON, Greta. 'Criminal Beasts' and the Rise of Positivist Criminology - From Shakespeare to Dickens. (Fludernik)

SAND, Andrea. Angloversals? Shared morphosyntactic features in contact varieties of English. (Mair)

SZMRECSANYI, Benedikt. The Geolinguistics of Grammatical Variability in Traditional British English Dialects: A Large-Scale Frequency-Based Study. (Kortmann)




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