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Doctoral and Postdoctoral Dissertations

Below is a list of ongoing and completed doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations:

Doctoral Dissertations

Ongoing (arranged by advisor):

Fludernik (updated 2019)

  • Finger, Sebastian. "Realism in Late Medieval and Early Modern British Drama."
  • Herlyn, Anne. "Dialogue and Narrative Structures in Middle English Verse Romances."
  • Keller, Nikola Franziska. "Vom Fremden im Drama erzählen: Faktuale Binnenerzählungen in deutsch- und französischsprachigen Dramen des 18. Jahrhunderts." (Erstbetreuerin: Prof. Dr. Judith Frömmer, Freiburg)
  • Kleinschmidt, Sebastian. "Memoria or Imaginatio? The Medieval English Tradition of Vision Literature in Light of Factual and Fictional Narration." (GRK 1767)
  • Luo, Xi.  "Theatricality of the Thrid: Ritual on the Contemporary Stage."
  • Munz, Melina. "Otiose Leisure in Contemporary Indian Fiction in English." (SFB 1015)
  • Noor, Farha. "Reading Leisure in  South Asia Through a Comparative Study of Bangla and Urdu Fiction with a Focus on Post-Independence Literature." (Erstbetreuer: Prof. Dr. Hans Harder, Universität Heidelberg; SFB 1015)
  • Riccardi, Silvia. "Anatomy of Dark Romanticism. Enacting the Deviant in Literature and the Visual Arts." (Erstbetreuer: Prof. Dr. Jan Alber, RWTH Aachen)
  • Siverio, Francesca. "Negotiating Temporalities. Performing the Cultural Present in Selected Works by Salman Rushdie, Jeet Thayll and Rana Dasgupta"
  • Waßmer, René. "Muße in der Metropole. Flanerie in der deutschen Publizistik und Reiseliteratur um 1800." (Erstbetreuer Prof. Dr. Peter Philipp Riedl, Universität Freiburg; SFB 1015)
  • Wirth, Annika. "Gulf War Captivity Narratives." (GRK 1767)


Korte (updated 2017)

  • Antoni, Jochen. Counter-Narratives of the Heroic in Animated Television Shows.

  • Bender, Stefanie. Future Fictions in the 21st Century: Ethics and Aesthetics.

  • Ewers, Isabell. The Sherlock Holmes Paradigm in Contemporary Crime Series.

  • Hardt, Maria-Xenia. Heroism in Doctor Who.

  • Leiendecker, Thorsten. Cultural Intermediaries: The Postmodern State of High/Pop Culture.

  • Sperlich (geb. Marquardt), Kristina. The Heroic in Contemporary Children's and Young Adult Fiction

  • Zipp, Georg. Ways of Articulating and Negotiating Poverty and Social Inequality in 20th- and 21st-Century Caribbean Fiction


  • Bai, Yinchun. Towards Discourse Markers: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Grammatical Constructionalization

  • Bradley, Luke. Priming, Token Frequencies and Memory in Different Morphological Language Types

  • Ilin, Natalia. Perception of Mistakes and Their Gravity in L1 and L2

  • Kinsey, Sonya. Linguistic Markers of Canadian Aboriginal English

  • Lunkenheimer, Kerstin. Learner Characteristics as Common Ground in New Englishes? Focus on Southeast Asia

  • Schröter, Verena. Zero Subjects, Topicalisation and Information Structure in Singapore English

Halford (under Kortmann)

  • Scharf, Susanne. Representation of Words in the Bilingual Mental Lexicon

  • Özen, Seval. Multi-Word Verb Usage by Turkish Learners of English: A Corpus-Based Study



  • Luo, Xi. Ritual and Performance

  • Mayer-Bühler, Julia. Cultural Studies: The Process of Globalisation Mirrored by Contemporary South African and Namibian Fiction, Films and Music

  • Sultany, Aiyal. Persuasion Strategies Used in Political Texts


  • Conrady, Claudia, Closet Narratives

  • Frankiewicz, Shane. The Western: A Diachronic Analysis of the All-American Genre 

  • Huang, Mingsha. The Arts of Subversion: On Alice Walker's Novels in the Light of Feminist Theories

  • Sands, Sarah. African American Crime Fiction of the 20th Century

Bieger (under Lemke/Hochbruck)

  • Laufer, Miriam. Kulturelle Erinnerung an Internierungslager des zweiten Weltkriegs und ihr Einfluss auf die kulturelle Identitätsbildung japanzischstämmiger Amerikaner_innen 

  • Woelky, Mareike. Telling the Story of Loss: Poetics of Grief in Contemporary Literature and Theory

Mair (updated July 2018)

  • Baumann, Udo. Determinants of Progressive Use in a Synchronic and Short-Term Diachronic Perspective: The Role of Frequency and Its Interplay with Other Factors

  • Cuthbertson, Laura. Lexical Concepts and Cognitive Models (LCCM): Theory, Temporal Conceptualization and Corpus-Based Methods 

  • Li Jingying. English Grammar in Second-Language-Acquisition: Corpus-Based and Comparative Studies of L1 Interference

  • Rudnicka, Karolina. The Statistics of Obsolescence: Case Studies from Late Modern English Grammar.

  • Song Shuang. English Impact on Chinese Vocabulary, Style and Grammar: The Role of Computer-Mediated Communication 

  • Zámečnik, Jiří. Information Density, Language Processing and the Rational Speaker


  • Bismark, Christina. Analyticisation of Verbal Inflection? Patterns of Verbal -s Use in the Varieties of English as Compared to Subject–Verb Agreement Patterns in the Brittonic Languages

  • Meinking Guimaraes, Luciana. The Uses of Secular Rulers and Characters in the Welsh Saints' Lives in the Vespasian Legendary (MS. Cotton Vespasian A. xiv)

  • Schustereder, Stefan. Identity Construction in British texts of the Early Middle Ages



  • ALDERS, Maximilian. Mind-Telling: Social Minds in Fiction and History. (Fludernik)

  • AYAFOR, Munang Isaiah. Official Bilingualism in Cameroon: An Empirical Evaluation of the Status of English in Official Domains. (Mair)

  • BAY, Katja. Im Spiegel der Zukunft: Wissensethik und ihre Verbreitung im populären Fernsehen am Beispiel von Star Trek: Voyager. (Korte)

  • BLUMENTHAL, Alice. Entrenchment in Usage-Based Theories: What Corpus Data Do and Do Not Reveal About the Mind. (Kortmann)

  • BOUR, Anthony. Description of Multiple Modality in Contemporary Scotland: Double and Triple Modals in the Scottish Borders. (Kortmann)

  • CHITEZ, Madalina. Lexico-Grammatical Profiles of Romanian Learner English: A Corpus-Based Study. (Mair)

  • CHURN, Natalie. It's Time: Social Justice and Concepts of Time in Australian Public and Popular Culture. (Korte)

  • DIACONU, Gabriela. Modality in New Englishes: A Corpus-Based Study of Obligation and Necessity. (Mair)

  • DEUBER, Dagmar. Nigerian Pidgin in Lagos: Language Contact, Variation and Change in an African Urban Setting. (Mair)

  • DUESTERBERG, Susanne. The Past in the Present: The Discourse of Archaeology in British Literature and Culture in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries. (Korte)

  • EHLERDING, Hannes. Changing Norms in English Language Teaching: The Present and Future of Foreign Language Education at German ‘Gymnasien’. (Kortmann)

  • EHRET, Katharina. Exploring Information-Theoretic Methodologies to Assess Linguistic Complexity in English. (Szmrecsanyi)

  • FEHRLE, Johannes. Western Revisions After 1960 in a Transnational Perspective. (Hochbruck)

  • GÖB, Anne Kathrin. KriegsreporterInnen und das Militär: Eine Untersuchung britischer und US-amerikanischer Korrespondentenmemoiren aus dem Golfkrieg 1991 und dem Irakkrieg 2003. (Korte)

  • GUNDERMANN, Susanne. English-Medium Instruction: Modelling the Role of the Native Speaker. (Mair)

  • GÜNTHER, Ulrike. What's in a Laugh? A Study of Humour, Jokes and Laughter Based On the Spoken Component of the BNC. (Mair)

  • HADAMITZKY, Christiane. Competing Semantics and Modes of Presentation: The Negotiation of the Heroic in Victorian Family Magazines (Korte)

  • HAJIYAN, Mehdi. Cohesion in Iranian Learner English. (Mair)

  • HAMILTON, Theresa. Humorous Structures in Comic English Narratives, 1200–1600. (Fludernik)

  • HERMANN, Martin. A History of Fear: Britisch Apocalyptic Fiction, Film, and TV from the 1890s to Present. (Korte)

  • HERNANDEZ, Nuria. Pronouns in Dialects of English: A Corpus-Based Study of Non-Standard Phenomena. (Kortmann)

  • HINRICHS, Lars. Jamaican Creole on the Internet: Forms and Functions of an Oral Language in Computer-Mediated Communication. (Mair)

  • HÖHN, Nicole. Quotatives in the Jamaican Acrolect: Corpus-Based Variationist Studies of Vernacular Globalisation in World Englishes. (Mair)

  • HONKANEN, Mirka. Like My Homeboy Will Say, "THIS NA REALLY NAIJA”: African-American and Nigerian Resources in U.S.-Nigerians’ Digital Communication. (Mair)

  • HORCH, Stephanie. Conversion in Asian Englishes: AUusage-Based Account of the Emergence of New Local Norms. (Mair)

  • HORSTMANNSHOFF, Kai. In the Loop: Chronotopic Imagination in Chicago's Public Architecture, 1893–1973–2004. (Bieger)

  • HUNDT, Marianne. New Zealand English and Its Relation to British and American English. (Mair)

  • JANTOS, Susanne. Morphosyntax in Educated Jamaican English: A Comparison of Spoken and Written Usage in ICE-Jamaica. (Mair)

  • JORDAN, Rieke. The Marketable Self in Recent American Television Drama Series. (Bieger)

  • JUSKAN, Marten. Changing Stereotypes in Urban Northern England: The Sociolinguistic Dimension of Salience. (Kortmann)

  • KATTANEK, Sita Maria. Representations of Organ Transplants: Western Fantasies and Black Market Realities. (Korte)

  • KOSSMANN, Bianca. 'Rich' and 'Poor' in the History of English: Corpus-Based Analyses of Lexico-Semantic Variation and Change in Old and Middle English. (Mair)

  • LAVERSUCH, Iman M. The Discourse of Race: A Historical Analysis Based on Usage in the US: Census and Related Sources. (Mair)

  • LECHNER, Doris. Histories for the Many: The Victorian Family Magazine and Popular Representations of the Past. (Korte)

  • LEUNG, Glenda. A Synchronic Study of Monophthongs in Trinidadian English. (Mair)

  • LIEDKE, Heidi. The Experience of Precarious Idleness in Victorian Travelogues by Female and Male Writers. (Korte)

  • LORENZ, David. Semi-Modal Contractions in English: Emancipation Through Frequency. (Mair)

  • MAURER, Anne-Julie. Acquisition of Subphonetic Variation by German L2 Learners of English. (Halford)

  • MAZAHERY, Hamzeh. Iranian Learner English : A Corpus-Based Study of Phrasal Verb Usage. (Mair)

  • MOLL, Andrea. Jamaican Creole Goes Web: Sociolinguistic Styling and Authenticity in a Digital Yaa. (Mair)

  • MOLLIN, Sandra. The Institutionalization of Euro-English? Form and Function of an Emerging Non-Native Variety of English in Europe. (Mair)

  • NITZL, Irene. Pidgin im zeitgenössischen nigerianischen Drama. (Mair)

  • PERCILLIER, Michael. Accent Unites, Syntax Divides? Varying Degrees of Nativisation of English in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. (Mair)

  • PIRKER, Eva Ulrike. 429 and More: Recent Narrative Projections of a Black British History. (Korte)

  • RACZ, Péter. Salience in Sociolinguistics. (Kortmann)

  • ROLLER, Katja. On the Relation Between Frequency and Salience in Morphosyntax: The Case of Welsh English. (Kortmann)

  • ROSENFELDER, Ingrid. Jamaican English Pronunciation: An Accoustic Analysis of the Spoken Component of ICE-Jamaica. (Mair)

  • SAND, Andrea. Linguistic Variation in Jamaica: A Corpus-Based Study of Radio and Newspaper Usage. (Mair)

  • SANDERSON, Tamsin. Corpus, Culture, Discourse. (Mair)

  • von SCHILLING, Martin. Optimising Language Teaching in University Settings: An Empirical Evaluation of Two Didactic Approaches. (Mair)

  • SCHNEIDER, Agnes. Tense, Aspect and Modality in Ghanaian English: A Corpus-Based Study of the Progressive and the Modal Will. (Kortmann)

  • SCHRÖDER, Anne. Status, Functions, and Prospects of Pidgin English in Cameroon. (Mair)

  • SCHÜLY, Christoph. Charles Dickens: Popularisierungen eines populären Autors im 19., 20. und 21. Jahrhundert. (Korte)

  • SCHULZ, Monika. Modals in Varieties of English. (Kortmann)

  • SEDLATSCHEK, Andreas. Variation and Change in Contemporary Indian English: A Corpus-Based Description. (Mair)

  • SPITTEL, Christina. Based on a True Story: The Great War in Australian Novels, 1914–2008. (Korte)

  • TAKORS, Jonas. Henry VIII in Twenty-First Century Popular Culture. (Korte)

  • TERASSA, Laura. Frequency Effects in Structural Simplification: The Case of Asian Englishes. (Mair)

  • TRASCA, Luminita Irinel. Information Densification in Contemporary Romanian Written Styles: A Corpus-Based Study of Transfer, Frequency and Change. (Mair)

  • WAIBEL, Birgit. Phrasal Verbs in Learner English: A Corpus-Based Study of German and Italian Students. (Mair)

  • WINKLE, Claudia. World Englishes: Do They Use Non-Canonical Sentence Patterns? (Mair)

  • WHALEN, Tom. The Birth of Death and Other Comedies: The Novels of Russell H. Greenan. (Hochbruck)


Postdoctoral Dissertations



  • BLUMENTHAL-DRAMÉ, Alice. Processing-Based Theories of Word Order Universals: A Neurolinguistic Perspective. (Kortmann)

  • CHRIST, Birte. Repräsentation der Todesstrafe in der amerikanischen Kultur. (Fludernik Zweitbetreuerin; Erstbetreuerin: Olson, Gießen)

  • von CONTZEN, Eva. The Power of Enumerating: Towards a Literary History of Lists. (Fludernik)

  • FEST, Kerstin. A Peep Behind the Curtain: Theatrical Discourses in 18th-Century England. (Fludernik)

  • HASER, Verena. Pragmatic Impairment in Asperger's Syndrome. (Kortmann)

  • HEINZE, Rüdiger. Second Generation Narration: American Immigrant Fiction. (Hochbruck)

  • HEYD, Theresa. The New African Diaspora Online: Language Use, Identity Politics, Multimodal Performance. (Mair)

  • KOHLMANN, Benjamin. The End of Laissez-Faire: Literature, Liberalism and Economic Discourse, 1870–1930. (Fludernik)

  • LACOSTE, Véronique. Haitian English in Toronto: Development, Structure and Social Functioning. (Mair)

  • LANGSTROF, Christian. Sociophonetic Learning in Adults. (Kortmann)

  • LEIMGRUBER, Jacob. Language Planning and Policy in Quebec: A Comparative Perspective. (Mair)

  • LIEDKE, Heidi. Intermedial Thresholds: The Role of Livecasts in British Theatre Discourses in the 21st Century. (Korte)

  • NANDI, Miriam. The Regulation of the Passions: Affect in Early Modern Diaries, 1600–1800. (Fludernik)

  • PIRKER, Eva Ulrike. The Long Poem in English Literature. (Korte)

  • ZIMMERMANN, Ulrike. Popularisierungen des 18. Jahrhunderts. (Korte)



  • ALBER, Jan. Unnatural Narrative: Impossible Worlds in Fiction and Drama. (Fludernik)

  • ANDERWALD, Lieselotte. Non-Standard Verb Paradigms in Traditional British English Dialects: Morphological Naturalness and Comparative Dialect Grammar. (Kortmann)

  • BIRKE, Dorothee. Writing the Reader: Quixotic Novels in England, 1752–2007. (Fludernik)

  • DEUBER, Dagmar. Style and Standards in English in the Caribbean: Morphological and Syntactic Variation in Jamaica and Trinidad. (Mair)

  • FALKENHAYNER, Nicole. CCTV Beyond Surveillance: Memory, Narration, Agency. (Korte)

  • FISCHER, Roswitha. Sprachwandel im Lexikon des heutigen Englisch. Eine korpusgestützte Studie zu Motivation, Institutionalisierung und Produktivität englischer Wortbildungen seit ca. 1960. (Mair)

  • HUNDT, Marianne. English Mediopassive Constructions: A Cognitive, Corpus-Based Study of Their Origin, Spread and Current Status. (Mair)

  • KRUG, Manfred. English Pronouns: Present and Past. (Kortmann)

  • LETHBRIDGE, Stefanie. Lyrik in Gebrauch: Gedichtanthologien in der englischen Druckkultur, 1557–2007. (Korte)

  • OLSON, Greta. 'Criminal Beasts' and the Rise of Positivist Criminology: From Shakespeare to Dickens. (Fludernik)

  • SAND, Andrea. Angloversals? Shared Morphosyntactic Features in Contact Varieties of English. (Mair)

  • SZMRECSANYI, Benedikt. The Geolinguistics of Grammatical Variability in Traditional British English Dialects: A Large-Scale Frequency-Based Study. (Kortmann)


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