Summer Term 2014

  • Otium/Muße - Leisure, Indolence and Idleness in English Literature (VL)
  • Description in Literary and Non-Literary Texts (HS/MS)
  • Erzählen in der zweiten Person (HS/MS)
  • Oberseminar Narratology II
  • Examenskolloquium


Winter Term 2013/14

  • The Eighteenth Century - Aestehtics and Drama (VL)
  • Twentieth-Century British Poetry II – Dylan Thomas, Ted Hughes, Charles Tomlinson (HS/MS)
  • Oberseminar Narratology
  • Masterkolloquium Literary Theory
  • Examenskolloquium


Summer Term 2013

  • Survey of English Literature II - Romaticism to Present (VL)
  • Charles Dickens - David Copperfield, Little Dorrit, and Great Expectations (HS/MS)
  • Restoration Drama (HS/MS)
  • Oberseminar Genre II
  • Examenskolloquium


Winter Term 2012/2013

  • Renaissance Drama (VL)
  • Renaissance Drama (HS/MS)
  • Charles Dickens II (HS/MS)
  • Examenskolloquium
  • Oberseminar "Genre"
  • Doktorandenkolloquium "Faktuales und Fiktionales Erzählen"


Summer Term 2012

  • Charles Dickens I (HS/MS)
  • Prisons of Love and Other Prison Poetry (HS/MS)
  • Oberseminar "Realism II"
  • Examenskolloquium


Winter Term 2011/2012


Summer Term 2011

  • Research Semester at Freie Universität Berlin
  • Oberseminar


Winter Term 2010/2011

  • Research Semester at the University of Oxford
  • Oberseminar


Summer Term 2010


Winter Term 2009/2010


Summer Term 2009

  • "Renaissance Drama" (VL)
  • "Irish Drama" (HS)
  • "Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales" (HS)
  • Examenskolloquium
  • Oberseminar


Winter Term 2008/2009

  • Master Kolloquium "Literary Theory"
  • "Yeats's Poetry and Drama" (HS)
  • "Suttee and Thuggee - Two Colonial Topoi" (HS)
  • Oberseminar "Narrative Theory"
  • Examenskolloquium


Summer Term 2008


 Winter Term 2007/2008

  • "The Eighteenth Century — Poetry, Aesthetics and Drama" (VL)
  • "Fable from Aesop to the Twentieth Century" (HS)
  • "Drama um 1900" (HS)
  • "Baudrillard and the late Derrida" (OS)


 Summer Term 2007

  • "Survey of English Literature II" (VL mit Übung)
  • "The Eighteenth-Century Novel" (VL)
  • "Restoration Drama" (HS)
  • "Feminist Literary Criticism" (OS)
  • Examenskolloquium


 Winter Term 2006/2007



 Summer Term 2006



 Winter Term 2005/2006

  • “Introduction to Literary Study“ (VL mit Übung)
  • “Renaissance Drama” (VL)
  • “Renaissance Drama: Jonson and Middleton” (HS)
  • “Innovative British Fiction” (HS)
  • “The Ethics of Literature” (OS)
  • Examenskolloquium


 Summer Term 2005

  • "Survey of English Literature II" (VL mit Übung)
  • "Erzähltheorie" (VL)
  • "Twentieth-Century British Poetry I" (HS)
  • "Confinement from Goldsmith to Maturin" (HS)
  • "Middle English Prose Romance" (Übung)


 Winter Term 2004/2005

  • "Survey of English Literature I" (VL mit Übung)
  • "Eighteenth-Century Novel" (VL mit Übung)
  • "Shakespeare´s Romances" (HS)
  • "(Post)Colonial Indian Fiction in English" (HS)
  • Examenskolloquium


 Summer Term 2004

  • "Survey of English Literature II" (VL mit Übung)
  • "Eighteenth-Century Literature: Poetry and Prose" (VL)
  • "Renaissance Drama" (HS)
  • "Middle English Poetry" (HS)
  • Examenskolloquium
  • "New Historicism" (OS)


 Winter Term 2003/2004



 Summer Term 2003

  • "Survey of English Literature I" (VL mit Übung)
  • "Englishness in the 1990s" (HS)
  • "Restoration Drama" (HS)
  • "Geschichte und Erzählen" (OS)


 Winter Term 2002/2003

  • "Introduction to Literary Study" (VL mit Übung)
  • "Renaissance Poetry and Prose" (VL mit Übung)
  • "British Drama after 1945" (HS)
  • "Charles Dickens" (HS)
  • Examenskolloquium


 Summer Term 2002

  • "Middle English Literature" (Zyklusvorlesung)
  • "Survey of English Literature II" (VL)
  • "Fielding and Crime" (HS)
  • "W.B. Yeats: Poetry and Drama" (HS)
  • "Pierre Bourdieu" (OS)
  • "Englishness in British Fiction 1970-2000" (HS, Universität Basel)


 Winter Term 2001/2002



 Summer Term 2001



 Winter Term 2000/01

  • "After Modernism: Contemporary British Fiction" (HS)
  • "B & B & B: The Drama of Bond, Barker and Brenton" (HS)
  • "Foucault" (OS)
  • Examenskolloquium


 Summer Term 2000

(reduced teaching load due to deanship)

  • "Survey of English Literature II" (VL)
  • "Tom Stoppard" (HS)
  • "Narrative Theory" (OS)


 Winter Term 1999/2000

(reduced teaching load due to deanship)

  • "Survey of English Literature I" (VL)
  • "James Joyce, Ulysses" (HS)
  • "John Dryden: The Oeuvre" (HS)
  • Examenskolloquium


 Summer Term 1999 (University of Massachusetts/Amherst)

  • two sections of ‘Major British Writers’ (i.e. poetry from Pope to Dylan Thomas) (undergraduate course)


 Winter Term 1998/1999 (University of Massachusetts/Amherst)

  • "The Prison in English Literature" (undergraduate course)
  • "Second-Person Fiction" (graduate seminar)


 Summer Term 1998

  • "English Romanticism" (Zyklusvorlesung)
  • "Survey of English Literature II" (VL mit Übung)
  • "The Colonial Novel: India (Kipling, E.M. Forster, Jhabvala, Stoppard)" (HS)
  • "Beckett: Plays and Short Fiction" (HS)


 Winter Term 1997/98

  • "Survey of English Literature I" (VL mit Übung)
  • "Linguistic Sense Meets Literary Sensibility" (HS)
  • "Eighteenth-Century Drama" (HS)
  • Examenskolloquium


 Summer Term 1997

  • "The Eighteenth Century: Aesthetics, Philosophy, Poetry" (Zyklusvorlesung)
  • "Indians Abroad: Mukherjee, Mistry, Gupta" (HS)
  • "Experimental British Fiction" (HS)
  • "Identity and Alterity in a Postcolonial Frame" (OS)
  • Examenskolloquium


 Winter Term 1996/97


 Summer Term 1996

  • "Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Prose Narrative" (Zyklusvorlesung)
  • "Indian Writing in English" (HS)
  • "Seventeenth-Century Drama" (HS)
  • "Narrative Theory" (VL, Universität Basel)


 Winter Term 1995/96

  • "Imprisonment: Fact, Fiction, and Imagery" (VL)
  • "The Prison in the Eighteenth-Century Novel" (HS)
  • "Middle English Romance" (HS)
  • "Susan Glaspell and Eugene O’Neill" (HS)


 Summer Term 1995

  • "Renaissance Drama: Marlowe, Jonson, Webster, and Others" (Zyklusvorlesung)
  • "The Indo-Anglian Novel: Language and Politics" (HS)
  • "The Historical Novel of the Elizabethan Period" (HS)
  • "Elizabethan Fiction" (HS, Projektseminar)


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