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PD Dr. Nicole Falkenhayner (Akad. Rätin)


English Department
University of Freiburg
Rempartstr 15
79085 Freiburg

Tel: +49 (0)761 203 3592


Office Hours (open, no registration necessary):

Wednesdays 14.00-15.00

Information on degree theses:

If you are interested in having your BA / MA / State Exam final essay supervised by me:

I will supervise topics ranging from the 17th century onwards, with a preference on intermedial relations, cultural theoretical approaches, cultural studies approaches, postcolonial, transcultural and gender topics, and interdisciplinary research questions, focusing on Great Britain and anglophone countries apart from the USA.

Please hand in an exposé (printed, to my post box) containing the following information BEFORE you come to my office hours for the first time:

- name, matriculation number, course of study

- timeframe: when will you presumably register / hand in

- one paragraph describing the general topic and research question of your thesis

- first 3 secondary texts you used so far

If you are interested in taking your State Exam orals with me, please come to my office hours first.



Research Interests
-          Cultural Theory
-          Heroisations in British Television Series
-          Surveillance Cultures
-          Mediatisation
-          Migration and Cultural Translation
-          Victorian Aesthetics


Posts Held

Deputy Professorship for English Literature, University of Freiburg, WS 2017/18

Head of research project “CCTV beyond Surveillance”, funded by the DFG, Freiburg, 2014-2016

Post-doc researcher graduate school “Factual and Fictional Narration”, Freiburg, 2012-2014

Associate researcher Centre of Excellence “Cultural Foundations of Integration”, interdisciplinary research group “Idioms of Social Analysis”, Constance, 2008-20012



Habilitation in British Literary and Cultural Studies obtained from the University of Freiburg, 2017. Doctor phil. (PhD) in British Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Constance, Germany, 2012. Studied English and American Literature, Sociology and Linguistics at the University of Constance and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Master of Arts from the University of Constance, 2006.


Research Grants

2016-2019 “Heroization in British Television Dramas of the 21st Century: Discourses and Aesthetics in a Popular Medium”, research project as part of the Collaborative Research Center “Heroes, Heroisms, Heroizations”, University of Freiburg (Germany) co-head with Prof. Dr. Barbara Korte (Freiburg). Funding Body: DFG (German Research Council)

2014-2016 “CCTV beyond Surveillance”, research project, University of Freiburg, Germany. Funding Body: DFG (German Research Council)

2012 Member of an Exchange Project Australia Go8, German Excellence Initiative “Memory and Its Media”, headed by Prof. Dr. Roseanne Kennedy (National University of Australia, Canberra) and Prof. Dr. Silvia Mergenthal (University of Konstanz). Funding Body: DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

2010 Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Riverside. Funding Body: DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)





Media, Surveillance and Affect. Narrating Feeling-States. London and New York: Routledge, 2019.

Making The British Muslim. Representations of the Rushdie Affair and Figures of the War-On-Terror Decade Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Co-edited Volumes

with Barbara Korte, Simon Wendt (eds.) Heroism as a Global Phenomenon in Contemporary Culture. London and New York: Routledge, 2019.

with Monika Fludernik, Julia Steiner (eds. and introd.) Faktuales und fiktionales Erzählen aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive. Würzburg: Ergon, 2015.

Reviews: A. Florian Pahlke, Das weite Feld der Fiktionalität. (Review of: Monika Fludernik/Nicole Falkenhayner/Julian Steiner (Hg.), Faktuales und fiktionales Erzählen. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven. Würzburg, Ergon-Verlag 2015.) In: JLTonline (02.07.2017) URL:; Wolfgang G. Müller, In Anglistik vol. 27 no.2 (2016), p.196-198.

with Andreas Langenohl, Johannes Scheu, Doris Schweitzer, Kacper Szulecki (eds. and introd.)  Rethinking Order. Idioms of Stability and De-Stabilization.  Bielefeld: transcript, 2015.

Articles / Book Chapters

"Permeable Boundaries: Daniel Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year (1722) and Jurij M. Lotman's Semiosphere", Anglia 137.1, 2019, 70-83.

“CCTV beyond Surveillance: The Cultural Relevance of the Surveillance Camera and Its Image in Contemporary Britain”. Journal for the Study of British Cultures 2.16 (Vol. 23, 2/2016, 157-168).

“Tödliches Zu-Sehen-Geben: Sichtbarkeit und Deutungsmacht am Beispiel des Mordes an Lee Rigby“ in Thomas, Tanja et al. (eds.) Anerkennung und Sichtbarkeit. Perspektiven für eine kritische Medienkulturwissenschaft. Bielefeld: transcript, 2017, pp. 203-218.

“No ‘Revalueshan’ in the Global City: Representations of London Rioting, 1981 and 2011” in von Knebel Doeberitz, Oliver and Ralph Schneider (eds.). London post-2010 in British Literature and Culture.: Rodopi, 2017, pp. 19.39.

“Heroes in / against the Machine: Performing the Friction of Database and Narrative”. helden.heroes.héros 4.1 (2016) 103-109 DOI: 10.6094/helden.heroes.heros./2016/01/10

“An Unlikely Hero for the War-on-Terror Decade: Patrick Neate’s City of Tiny Lights (2005)” in Korte, Barbara and Stefanie Lethbridge (eds.) Heroes and Heroism in British Fiction since 1800. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, pp. 152-167.

“After Identity: Hanif Kureishi and the Backlash against Multiculturalism” in Ehland, Christoph; Mindt, Ilka and Merle Tönnies (eds.) Anglistentag Paderborn 2015 Proceedings. Trier: WVT, 2016, pp.147-157.

“Surveillance and Social Memory. Remembering Princess Diana with CCTV”. Humanities 5.3 (2016) 73 doi:10.3390/h5030073

“The English Ruin(ed). An Idiom of Victorian Aesthetics” in Falkenhayner, Nicole et al. (eds.) Rethinking Order.  Bielefeld: transcript, 2015, pp. 183-202.

“Das Medienereignis der Rushdie-Affäre als Beispiel für Zuschreibungsakte in kulturalisierten Konfliktdebatten um den Islam in Europa” in Kirsch, Thomas et al. (eds.) Religion als Prozess. Begriffe – Zuschreibungen – Leitmotive – Grenzen. Würzburg: Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, 2015, pp.77-89.

with Schöneck, Annette. “David Grossmans Aus der Zeit Fallen: Vielstimmige Trauererzählung zwischen persönlichem und politischem Trauma” in Aurnhammer, Achim and Thorsten Fitzon (eds.). Lyrische Trauernarrative. Erzählte Verlusterfahrung in autofiktionalen Gedichtzyklen. Würzburg: Ergon, 2015, pp.319-338.

“Dissimilation. Wissen um britische Muslime in der War-On-Terror-Dekade” in Ezli, Özkan et al. (eds.). Die Integrationsdebatte zwischen Assimilation und Diversität Bielefeld: transcript, 2013, pp.331-360.

Review: Stephanie Lavorano. „Von der Assimilation zur Diversität, von der Integration zur Inklusion?“ in  Nr. 12, Dezember 2014 /Kunst und Kulturwissenschaft

“The Other Rupture of 1989: The Rushdie Affair as the Inaugural Event of Post-Secular Conflict”. Global Society, 24, 1 (2010), 111-132.

“Robert Crawshaw’s ‘Das Dazwischen Übersetzen'”. Proceedings of the conference Translating Society – a Commentator’s Conference, 2009.

“Identity in Joy Kogawa’s Obasan and Sky Lee’s Disappearing Moon Café: Narrative Strategies in the Re-Negotiation of Self, Ethnicity and Nation”. KOPS Konstanzer Online-Publikations-System. (2005).



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