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Prof. Dr. Bernd Kortmann, Katja Roller, Marten Juskan and Jiri Zamecnik

"FREDDIE (FReiburg English Dialect Database for Instruction and E-learning) – A multimedia platform for research- and corpus-based learning"


 In this project, the linguistic collection FRED (FReiburg English Dialect corpus) is further developed into a multimedia teaching and learning platform called FREDDIE.

FRED is a database – the largest of its kind worldwide – compiled at the English Department of Freiburg University with transcripts and 300 hours of audio material for dialects of English from more than 40 counties in England, Wales and Scotland. On the basis of these authentic data, the online portal FREDDIE will be providing access to additional materials and new features such as tutorial videos, scripts for semi-automatic analyses, and emulations of suitable software (e.g. AntConc and R).

Students will be enabled to understand and experience research processes autonomously and in great detail, from data editing to (statistical) analysis to the presentation of results. FREDDIE will be freely accessible online and thus facilitate research-based teaching and learning not only for English Linguistics in Freiburg but also for (self-)study worldwide.

More information on FREDDIE can be found here.


FREDDIE components


1. FRED Online

As a part of the FREDDIE project, the FRED data is further processed with the aim to facilitate teaching and research. Major focus is given to the creation of aligned transcripts of the audiofiles, which should allow an easy online exploration of the pronunciation of the data.

The aligned transcripts will be used to update the existing interactive database

2. ILIAS E-Learning

The FREDDIE project enables both students and teaching staff to use open freely accessible e-learning classes. These courses provide the basics of work with three programmes used for linguistic analysis: AntConc, Praat and R. Each module contains both explanations and exercises for a hands-on experience with the newly acquired skills.

3. Web statistics interface

A web interface for simple statistics analyses of quantitative data was developed as a part of the FREDDIE project. It is aimed at beginning students of linguistics and was built with a specific focus on enabling them to carry out statistical analyses with little margin for error.

 The research magasin uni'wissen (Issue 1/2017) reported about FREDDIE (Geman text)


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