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Welcome to the website for students of English Linguistics or Literary Studies.
On this page you can find a number of links to useful information about the various degree programmes and courses offered by the University of Freiburg English Department.
(Information about the department and faculty, including faculty office hours, can be found in the section "Department")


University of Freiburg Course Catalogue

The course catalogue contains all lectures, labs, projects, etc. and can be viewed here:


Where do lectures and other courses take place?

Although the Department itself is located in KG IV, English Department courses are rarely held in this building. Instead, they regularly take place at one of the following locations (all of which are located within 500 meters from KG IV):


  • Übungsräume (classrooms) and lecture halls in KG I
  • Lecture halls in KG II
  • Lecture halls in KG III
  • Language lab in KG III
  • Übungsräume (classrooms) on Sedanstraße 6
  • Übungsräume (classrooms) in Peterhof (on Kontakthof/Niemensstraße)
  • Übungsräume (classrooms) on Wilhelmstraße 16
  • Alte Uni (old university building) located on Bertoldstraße
  • CIP-Pool (computer labs) designated for the use by the School of Philology (Rempartstraße 11)
  • Übungsräume (classrooms) located on Universitätsstraße 5



English Department Student Association

The English Department Student Association (Fachschaft Anglistik [FSA]) provides peer advisory services for students and is responsible for organizing several events and gatherings for "Freshers" (breakfast, pub crawl, weekend at a local cabin) as well as parties and other cultural events.

The student union serves and represents the interests of fellow students through its involvement in university politics, such as its participation in the university council, committee for student affairs (Studienkommission), board of examiners and its communication with the department library committee.

During the semester Student Association meetings regularly take place Wednesdays at 8pm on Belfortstraße 24, on the second floor.

To contact the English Department Student Association:

Student Association Webpage



Online Portal for Students

The University of Freiburg's online student portal offers a wide breadth of information for students ranging from university studies to internship opportunities:

Further information is available on the University of Freiburg website as well as on the service portal of the Central University Administration:



University Examinations Committee

The University Examinations Committee (Gemeinsame Kommission [GeKo]) is responsible for the administrative coordination and regulation of examinations for all bachelor, master, magister and doctoral programmes.

This committee is also is responsible for recognising credits earned at other institutes of higher education as well as the issuing of official transcripts.



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