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Course Catalog / Course Registration

View the University of Freiburg’s online course catalog via the Student Portal.

The English Department’s course catalog for the winter semester 201718 can be viewed on the campus management system HISinOne as of July 3, 2017, or downloaded here. Course registration for the winter semester begins on July 31, 2017.


Registration Dates for the Winter Semester 201718

 From 12:00 am
To 11:59 pm
Lectures and colloquia

Open registration period

July 31, 2017

October 15, 2017

Seminars and tutorials
1st course selection periodJuly 31, 2017August 6, 2017
1st allocation of placesAugust 7, 2017August 13, 2017
2nd course selection periodAugust 14, 2017September 17, 2017
2nd allocation of placesAugust 31, 2017September 1, 2017

3rd allocation of places

September 18, 2017

September 19, 2017

Courses with Parallelgruppen
1st course selection periodJuly 31, 2017August 6, 2017
1st allocation of placesAugust 7, 2017August 13, 2017
2nd course selection periodAugust 14, 2017September 17, 2017
2nd allocation of placesAugust 31, 2017September 1, 2017

3rd allocation of places

September 18, 2017

September 19, 2017

Courses with open spots
Open registration periodOctober 14, 2017October 15, 2017


Instructions for HISinOne can be found here [German only] or here.


Please note that you must log into HISinOne with your university user ID in order to select courses.


Allocation of Places

Spots in courses are assigned during the first allocation phase (see above). We ask you to refrain from inquiring about your course selections until the allocation period is over. Please check the status of your course selections online in your HISinOne timetable (you will not receive a separate confirmation of registration). If you decide you don’t want to take a seminar or tutorial which you have successfully registered for, it is your responsibility to deregister from the course.

HISinOne now has a waitlist feature for classes with limited spots. If a class is already full, students can still select it and be placed on a waiting list. If students already registered in the class decide to drop it, you will move up on the list. HISinOne will notify you if you’ve been accepted into the class. Get more information here [German only].

Please use the 2nd course selection and open registration periods to sign up for courses with open spots.

If you failed to get a spot in a course which you need in order to graduate on time, you can file a hardship claim (Härtefallantrag) starting on September 2, 2017. This also applies for transfer students.


I. Information for first years

During the orientation week at the beginning of your first semester, you’ll receive detailed information on selecting and registering for courses. Don’t worry, there are enough places reserved for you in the courses you require! Most of these classes take place on Mondays.


II. Information for Erasmus+/international students

Mandatory information session and course registration for Erasmus and international students:

Tuesday, April 18 at 12 pm in KG I, Room 1108

Find more info here.


III. Information for BOK/interdisciplinary courses

Bachelor students taking BOK or interdisciplinary courses can select courses with open spots during the second course selection period.


IV. Information for auditing courses / guest students

It is generally possible to audit any course that still has open spots. Please contact the professor by email on or after October 9, 2017, to ask permission to attend their class. Once you get their permission, please forward their response, along with your student number, to


Important additional information for introductory seminars in literary studies:

In order to ensure an ideal group size in introductory literature seminars, the number of participants is initially limited at 15. In the unlikely case that demand is higher, the maximum number of participants will be adjusted accordingly.




General Information for Online Course Registration


Why the complex course selection process?

In order to achieve the ideal student–teacher ratio in seminars and tutorials, and maintain their character, we aim to balance the size of courses in the English Department. According to a decision by the Philology Faculty Council, the ideal class size for seminars and tutorials is 25 students. The online course selection process enables us to control the amount of participants.


What happens once 25 spots are filled?

If 25 spots per tutorial, introductory seminar or upper-year/master seminar are not enough, it is possible to raise the maximum number of participants by five at a time, up to 40. Additionally, five spots always remain open for transfer students, exchange students and students entering their first semester.


Can I attend classes without registering for them?

It is not generally possible to attend classes which you have not registered for online – regardless of whether you want a credit or not.

This also applies for lectures, colloquia and wissenschaftliche Übungen. Spots in these types of courses are assured immediately upon registration, and the registration period is longer (see above). The registration process is primarily used in this case to ensure early on that the room’s capacity meets the demand for the class.


What do I need in order to select my courses?

In order to register for courses, you need your university user ID and your password. You should have received your ID from IT services at the beginning of your studies (new students, please see the information below). Students who have still not been assigned a student number or user ID from IT services by the beginning of the course registration period cannot participate in the online registration process. These students will need to either attend their program’s info session in the week prior to the beginning of the semester, or file a hardship claim.


Which courses do I have to register for online?

The electronic registration process applies for all lectures, introductory seminars, upper-year seminars, master seminars, tutorials and colloquia. Registering through the professor is not possible.


If you encounter any problems with the online registration process, please contact:

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