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Service & Advising


Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Counselling


Departmental academic advisors are here to answer any questions you might have about our degree programs, and to assist you in planning and organizing your studies.


Central Academic Advising Office


The Central Academic Advising Office (ZSB) answers general questions about pursuing studies at the University of Freiburg.


English Department Information Sessions


The English Department, in cooperation with the Student Council, coordinates a series of information sessions on a variety of different topics (study abroad programs, internships, exam preparation, etc.). The sessions are generally held on Wednesday evenings during the semester from 6 to 8 pm. The exact schedule for each semester is posted on the department’s website during the first week of classes.


GeKo and the Prüfungsamt


The GeKo (Joint Commission of the Faculty of Philology) and the Prüfungsamt (Office of Student Records) are responsible for all administrative matters regarding the bachelor, master and PhD programs offered by the English Department.

These administrative bodies also determine whether credits earned at other institutes of higher education may be granted toward a student's graduation requirements.

The GeKo and Prüfungsamt website can be found here (German only).


Landeslehrerprüfungsamt (Teacher Certification Board)


Students pursuing a teaching qualification in secondary education should consult the Landeslehrerprüfungsamt website (German only) for more information on examination and graduation requirements. 


Studierendenwerk (Student Services Freiburg)


In addition to personal, psychological and legal counselling, Student Services Freiburg provides a wide range of information and support services surrounding financial aid, employment, student housing and more. In addition, the Studierendenwerk organizes cultural events and recreational activities on campus, in the student residences, and in and around Freiburg.

For first-year or international students interested in getting to know more about Freiburg, a wealth of information about the city and the surrounding area is available on the Studierendenwerk website.


Studying Abroad


The English Department offers a number of exciting opportunities to study abroad in an English-speaking country. Most students choose to participate in the Erasmus+ or DAAD programs. For those completing a degree in English and secondary education, there are multiple opportunities to partake in special teaching assistant exchanges.

The University of Freiburg EU Office



Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (a teaching assistant program)


International Office


The International Office is the main resource for foreign students and guest lecturers at the University of Freiburg, providing information and guidance on admission procedures for foreign students – and much more. For German students interested in studying or doing an internship abroad, the International Office can link you to partner universities and help find scholarships for financing your exchange. Further information can be found on the International Office’s website.


Career Center


The university's Career Services Department serves as a link between students (and recent graduates) and employers throughout Baden-Württemberg and Germany. With the support of Career Services, students can perfect their CVs and learn how to improve their chances at job interviews.


Problems – Comments – Questions – Suggestions?


We welcome any comments or suggestions you might have. Please contact the department chair, Gert Fehlner, directly.




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