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Master of Arts in English Literatures and Literary Theory

If you love literature, this is the ideal course of study for you. Besides reading a large number of exciting novels, short stories, plays, poems, essays and letters, you will have the chance to watch and analyze a variety of films, and even see some wonderful performances on stage.

The University of Freiburg's Master of Arts in English Literatures and Literary Theory is the definitive M.A. program that prepares you for a Ph.D. in British, American or postcolonial literature, or many other career paths of your choice. It exposes students to a wide range of British and American texts of all genres and from all periods. In order to ensure complete coverage of the full range of literature in the English language, early British literature (pre-1800) receives special attention.

Besides immersion in literatures from different countries, centuries and genres, the program also focuses on introducing students to different literary theories and their application in literary research. An understanding of the various theoretical approaches is necessary when preparing to write a major research project like an M.A. or Ph.D. thesis. The professors in the English Department specialize in areas as diverse as cultural studies, postcolonial literary theory, narratology, feminism, ethnic studies, law and literature, and ethical approaches to literature.

Although we offer courses in all genres and periods, special emphasis is placed on fiction and drama, the Renaissance, 18th and 19th century novels, American and British plays in the 18th and 19th centuries, modernist and postmodernist writing, and the short story as a genre.

Moreover, this master's program has a linguistic component. Literature is, after all, written language, and in order to effectively study and analyze that language, one needs to have a good grasp of linguistic concepts. In addition, theoretical models and approaches, particularly those based on structuralism and poststructuralism, frequently use concepts and terms derived from linguistics – so here too, a good basic knowledge of the field comes in handy.

Students graduating from this master’s program have a number of career options. Besides continuing with an academic career and doing a Ph.D., they are qualified to engage in all kinds of work in the cultural and creative industries (conference and exhibition planning, journalism and broadcasting, editing and publishing, theatrical performance or production, etc.). This program will foster your creativity and love of the arts, ensuring you’ll have no problem finding a niche for your interests out in the world.


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