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Information on Plagiarism (In Light of Recent Events)


Instances are increasing where students are taking entire pages (not only one or two passages) from the web or other, usually electronic, sources and incorporating them into term papers and even theses, without proper citation. This is enough to constitute plagiarism. The new Universities Act sets out penalties for such infractions, which may be very severe:

“In the future, students may face expulsion for plagiarism or other academic misconduct. Expulsion is at the university’s discretion, which allows the administration to assess each case individually.”

The University of Freiburg has yet to enact any university-wide provisions for implementing the act. Until such rules are in place, the English Department’s existing procedure will apply: in cases of plagiarism, the student in question will not receive credit for the respective course. Those credits must be earned in a different course in a later semester.

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