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Pronunciation Clinic

Pronunciation Clinic

Tuesdays, 1012 c.t.
KG IV • Room 4008

We are offering a pronunciation clinic to provide extra advice and practice for those students who are not currently enrolled in the Speaking Foundations course but who feel their spoken English is not quite up to scratch. Participants can make an individual appointment to assess and discuss the areas they would like to work on, for which they will receive personalized guidance and materials. Areas which may be covered include pronunciation and phonetics, fluency when speaking spontaneously, and aspects of prosody such as correct stress and intonation.

Further appointments can be made; their length and regularity will depend on the number of students who wish to take advantage of the clinic. This clinic also provides an ideal opportunity for master’s students to enhance their speaking skills.

Please note: no ECTS credits can be awarded for attendance.

Sign up via HISinOne.

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