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Reading Games (Video Game Book Club): Florence (2018)

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Reading Games: a "video game book club," discussing video games from a Cultural Studies point of view. Each session focuses on a different game.

  • Book club
Wann 19.06.2019
von 16:00 bis 18:00
Wo Room 4008 | KG IV
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Reading Games (as in “we are reading games”, not as if a series of gamified reading sessions), is a book club in which we will talk about video games instead of books, on a monthly basis. In order to join, you don’t have to have any level of knowledge about video games, or define yourself as a “gamer”, That term is becoming as meaningful as a term like “movie-goer,” in today’s world, in which digital games are everywhere as cultural products.

Our first discussion will center on the game Florence (2018) and interactive narratives. Florence is available on Android and iOS (for €2.99). You are expected to come prepared, i.e. play the game, and/or watch a video of someone else who’s playing it for you/do some research about the game. For any questions or requests, please contact:

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