Factual and Fictional Narration


The Graduate School ”Factual and Fictional Narration“, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), explores the multiple intersections which exist between different kinds of factual and fictional narratives. It pursues a rigorously interdisciplinary programme which aims to establish an informed diachronic and transmedial perspective on existing approaches to narrative. In doing so, its declared goal is to develop a set of critical tools and approaches capable of pushing beyond narratology’s customary preoccupation with fictional rather than factual texts. In dealing with discourses of factuality, the Graduate School pursues a two-fold agenda. First, it focuses on the peculiarities of factual narration with the aim of establishing similarities and differences between factuality and fictionality. Second, it analyses the overlaps and mergings that can take place between factual and fictional narrative acts. These two sets of questions are examined on the basis of a broad range of genres, text types and media, taking account of functional and formal aspects as well as of their pragmatic contexts of use.

Factual Narration: Narratological Perspectives (work in progress) as part of the Graduate School ”Factual and Fictional Narration“
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