Handouts and Info Sheets

 Professor Fludernik asks you to hand in all papers (term papers, BA and MA papers, "Zulassungsarbeiten" and PhD theses) as a printed copy and an electronic version.

Please send your electronic (Word) files to the secretary's e-mail address:

You can hand in printed copies at the secretary's office (room 4207), leave them in the envelope on the door or in Professor Fludernik's mail box in front of room 4008.

Thank you!


Stylesheets and templates:


Information on oral exams:


Information on English literature:


Merkblatt   27.2 kB   Preview
Model Minutes   113.9 kB   Preview
Correction Marks   75.8 kB  
Prüfungs- & Anmeldemodi
Informationen zu den verschiedenen Anmeldemodi finden Sie hier
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