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Book Sale

Every semester, the English Department’s Student Council holds a book sale in KG IV, where we sell second-hand books donated by or on consignment from students. Everyone is welcome to come by and browse.

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Want Something New to Read?

You can check out our inventory list in advance on Facebook, or just come to the sale and see for yourself what we have. If you missed the book sale but find items on the list that you want, you can contact us to set up a time to pick them up.

Need to Declutter Your Bookshelf?

Do you have books you want to get rid of but they’re still in too good a condition to throw away? Why not sell them and let someone else enjoy them? You can either donate your old books to us or sell them on consignment (we’ll transfer the money to your account once your book has been sold – minus a small 10% commission). The proceeds will help us fund other Student Council events.

If you’re selling on consignment, you should already have a price in mind. Simply write it in pencil inside the cover, or stick a post-it with the price inside. Please also give us a slip of paper stating your bank details, full name and email address.

You can drop the books off at our weekly coffee sale in KG IV, or in Room 4014 – just write us an email at to let us know when you want to come by, so we can make sure that someone’s in the office.

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