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Welcome to the English Department


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The University of Freiburg ranks among Germany’s top universities and has one of the most distinguished philology faculties in the entire country. Its English Department, with approximately 1500 currently enrolled undergraduate students and nearly 100 staff members and administrative employees, is renowned for its excellent undergraduate and graduate degree programmes. The department offers students the chance to pursue a multitude of various courses of study in English linguistics, literature, and media and cultural studies. Students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in courses designed to develop English language proficiency skills (oral communication, translation and text production) and pedagogical techniques.

Many of the students admitted to our department choose to pursue a six-semester Double-Major Bachelor of Arts in English (plus another subject) with an optional teaching module. Those who wish to become secondary school teachers then go on to complete a Master of Education, where in addition to English and their second subject, they will study teaching methods, combining educational theory and practice. (More information about the teacher training programme can be found in German at The programme has close ties with the Freiburg College of Education (PH) and the state’s regulatory body for teachers.

In addition to a teaching degree, the University of Freiburg’s English Department offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies, as well as three international master's programmes. These two-year degrees, some of which are interdisciplinary, allow graduates to gain expertise in the fields of linguistics, cultural studies and literary studies. There are also opportunities to pursue doctoral or postdoctoral studies. In fact, our English Department has a nation-wide reputation for producing up-and-coming professors.



The diverse academic offerings are accompanied by a dynamic department life, to which a long-standing cooperation with the department’s student council has greatly contributed. Theatre performances by the department drama group maniACTs, festivities organised by the student council, and department celebrations are just a few of the events that take place throughout the academic year. Supplementary educational opportunities in politics and culture are provided in the form of guest lectures and film showings organised by the German-American Institute, the Carl-Schurz-Haus. Cooperation with the European Confederation of Upper Rhine Universities (EUCOR) at the universities of Basel, Mulhouse and Strasbourg as well as with non-academic institutions throughout the region enables students to further enhance their academic education through participation in an even wider range of academically and culturally engaging activities.

Finally, through cooperation and agreements with other universities and research institutes across Europe and the globe, the English Department has a large number of contacts throughout the English-speaking world. Of course, the English Department also benefits from the University of Freiburg’s partnership with nearly 150 universities world-wide and is recognised as one of the front-runners in student exchange programmes across Germany.  


The University of Freiburg's English Department:


We hope that you are able to find all the information you are looking for on our website. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Best regards,

Gert Fehlner

(Head of Administration)


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