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Degree Programs

An International Standard


In order to create a standardized higher education system for European nations, bachelor and master degree programs were introduced with the signing of the Bologna declaration in 1999. Through such measures, degrees obtained at Europe’s universities are now internationally recognized.

The University of Freiburg’s English Department offers various bachelor’s and master’s programs, including a Double-Major Bachelor's which leads to a Master of Education. Graduates of that program are then qualified to teach at any of Germany’s secondary schools (usually Gymnasien), including vocational schools (Berufsschulen).


Career and/or Academia


A bachelor’s degree in English takes three years to complete, giving students the option to either begin a professional career afterwards or continue their studies in a two-year master’s program. A master’s degree is an essential prerequisite for those interested in obtaining a Ph.D.

Before graduates of the Double-Major Bachelor's + Teaching Option and M.Ed. combination are fully qualified to teach, they must first complete an 18-month student teaching placement (Referendariat). In Baden-Württemberg, the Referendariat begins each year in January.


English Proficiency

In order to be admitted to any of the English Department’s programs, applicants must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the English language (in all areas: listening, reading, speaking and writing). The English degree programs offered at the University of Freiburg are highly competitive. Therefore, we strongly recommend that only those who adequately fulfill the admission requirements apply. Prospective students should consult the university’s online self-assessment assistant (German only) for more information.

More information about the admissions process and the required language proficiency exam (for undergraduate degree programs only) can be found here.  


View the English Department’s degree programs here:



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