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English Language, Literature and Cultural Studies

Often referred to as 'Anglistik' in German, English studies includes a wide range of subdisciplines encompassing literary studies, linguistics, language instruction, Celtic studies, Indigenous studies, and the cultural study of English-speaking nations worldwide.


is an all-encompassing term for the variety of studies offered by the University of Freiburg's English Department. Prospective undergraduate students can apply to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies or for 'Lehramt' (Teaching Qualification in Secondary Education with English as a major or minor). Prospective graduate students can apply to one of the many Master of Arts programs offered by the department.

The University of Freiburg's English Department is unique as it offers an array of courses in English linguistics, literature and cultural studies.

Each degree program consists of a series of modules.





To be eligible to take part in one of the University of Freiburg's English Department degree programs, prospective students must meet the formal and informal prerequisites. Among the formal requirements students must fulfil university entrance requirements (Abitur/A-levels/high school diploma or equivalent, language proficiency exam, etc) in order to apply to a program. Once being accepted into the program, students must fulfil the requirements as outlined by the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung German only). These are the requirements and expected time frame for respective Bachelor, Lehramt and Master programs.

Additional information regarding the informal requirements is available under the specified link.

What skills should I bring to my studies?

There are a number of important skills and characteristics students should have in order to successfully complete their studies.
The most important of these are:

  • organization
  • independence
  • discipline
  • motivation


Others are:

  • Enthusiasm for the course of study including the multiple subdisciplines
  • Active participation: students should be prepared to participate in class discussions
  • An exceptional command of the English language: before commencing studies, students must demonstrate an above-average or excellent mastery of English in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Well-informed: students are expected to inform themselves about the examination regulations and other requirements.
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