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Undergraduate Admissions

**The application deadline for the 2019/20 Winter Semester is July 15.**

The Application Process

First-year applicants interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Freiburg’s English Department must complete an application as well as take the English Language Proficiency Exam.

Read more about our undergraduate programs here:


Please follow the steps of the application process carefully:

  1. Complete an online self-assessment test.
    • We recommend the university’s Online Study-Choice Assistant (available in German only), to determine whether English is the right field of study for you.
    • See a list of other approved self-assessment tests here.
  2. Fill out the online application for undergraduate admission on the Student Service Center’s website. If you have obtained your secondary school diploma from a school outside the EU/EEA, please use the portal for international applicants. The online application for the winter semester is available starting June 1.
  3. Register here for the English Department’s English Language Proficiency Exam. Take and pass the exam.
  4. You will receive either a letter of acceptance or a letter of rejection in the mail.
  5. Your letter of acceptance enables you to enroll as a student during the designated dates before classes start. See more information here.


For more information on applying to study at the University of Freiburg, click here.


It is no longer possible to enroll in the Magister in English Philology program, as this degree type is no longer offered.


This application process is for our undergraduate programs only. Application to our Master of Arts programs is done directly through the program coordinators.


Application Deadline

The annual application deadline for undergraduate programs starting in the winter semester is July 15. The application portal opens on June 1.

All of the English Department’s programs of study now begin in the winter semester. It is possible, however, to begin a minor in English and American Studies in the summer semester.


English Language Proficiency Exam

High proficiency in English is necessary to study at the University of Freiburg’s English Department. Taking this exam, which is free of charge, is therefore a key component of your application. Please read this important information regarding the English Language Proficiency Exam.


Self-Assessment Test

All prospective students applying to an undergraduate program in Baden-Württemberg must complete a self-assessment test (Studienorientierungstest), which is usually done online. The purpose is to ensure that students select a program of study which is best suited to them, thereby reducing dropout rates.

Proof of this test can be printed out upon completion and must be submitted along with all of the required application documents. See here for a list of approved tests (German only).


Transfer Students

Students who have accumulated sufficient ECTS credits in English studies at another post-secondary institution do not need to take the English Language Proficiency Exam. Please contact the English Department’s Administration and Advising Office in order to find out which of your credits or courses are transferable.



In order to be accepted into one of the English Department’s undergraduate degree programs, applicants must achieve a minimum index score of 60. This is calculated by combining your score on the English Language Proficiency Exam plus your final Abitur grade or equivalent high school GPA. You must have passed the English Language Proficiency Exam (with a score of 60% or higher) in order to be considered by the admissions committee.

If the number of qualified candidates exceeds the number of places available in a program, applicants will be ranked according to their index scores, with the top scorers being granted admission.

To find out how your test scores and Abitur marks will be weighted, we have provided you with an example: [PDF].

For more details about the selection process, click here:



As the application requirements or process may vary from semester to semester, please visit this site regularly for updates or changes. And please feel free to contact us with any questions:


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