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Newspaper Articles




  • "Economic Inequality and the Rising Death Toll as Decisive Factors"
    Freiburg University / Carl-Schurz-Haus | October


  • "Sex and Gender in the Age of Posthumanism"
    Gießen University | November
  • "Die Inszenierung von Kampfsportler*innen im Film"
    Freiburg University | October
  • "Armut betrachten: Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektive"
    University of Erlangen–Nürnberg | May
  • “When Hollywood Sensationalizes Underdogs: Precarity and Precariousness in Slumdog Millionaire and The Hunger Games"
    University of Delhi, India | February
  • “Workshop: Global Poverty“
    Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, India | February
  • “Precarity Studies: An Interdisciplinary Research Field“
    Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, India | February


  • “Cultural Precarity Studies: The Making of a Transdisciplinary Field”
    University of Kerala, India | December
  • “Representing Refugees: A Response to Lewis Turner on the Image of the Entrepreneur and the Neoliberal Logic“
    Anton-Bergsträsser Institute, Freiburg | November
  • “Critical Media Literacy: Analyzing American Beauty“
    Gießen University | October
  • “Precarious Escapes: Hillbilly Elegy and Unorthodox"
    Conference Hamburg University | June
  • “On the Economy of Expenditure and Anecdotal Pleasure”
    Conference FU Berlin | February
  • “Precarious Representations vs. Representations of Precarity: On Hunger Games, Moonlight, and Hillbilly Elegy"
    Freiburg University | January


  • “American Art from 1930-1960"
    Paul Klee Exhibition, Bern | December
  • “Precarity Studies and Aesthetics: From Transdisciplinary Diversity Towards a Pentagonal Critical Framework“
    Conference GAPS, Univ. Bonn | May
  • "Class Matters in the Age of Trump"
    New York | March
  • "The Expansion of Boundary Conditions in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God"
    Philadelphia MLA, January


  • “Postfeminism and Hollywood”
    Freiburg, Gender Studies Lecture Series | December
  • “A Threesome: Anthropology, Poetry, and Prose”
    Conference Basel University | November
  • “Nachhaltigkeit: Brennpunkt USA”
    Freiburg | June


  • “The Great Inequality Debate. Wie Ungleichheit in der zeitgenössischen amerikanischen Literatur verhandelt wird”
    Freiburg | October
  • “Inequality in America: A Discourse Analysis”
    Freiburg | June


  • “Poverty and Inequality in America”
    US Studies Center, Sydney | February


  • “The Financial Crisis of 08 and Narratives of Working Poverty”
    Gießen | July
  • “Desire – Bliss – Loss: Lust und Verlust im amerikanischen Imaginären”
    Lausanne-Vallorbe, Switzerland | June
  • “Not so Invisible: Footprints of Globalization in the Rural South”
    Erlangen | May
  • “Zora Neale Hurston's Anthropological Writings: Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction”
    Bern, Switzerland | May
  • “Economies of Misfortune: Visual Impressions from the Deep South”
    Carl-Schurz-Haus Freiburg | April
  • “How America Discovered Working Poverty and Learned to Live with it”
    Georgetown, Washington D.C., USA | March
  • “U.S. Poverty Studies: A European Perspective"
    Rice University Houston, USA | March


  • “Literatur, Visuelle Kultur und Sozialgeschichte”
    University of Freiburg | December
  • “Introduction to Obama, Suffrage, and Disenfranchisement”
    Electoral Cultures Conference, Amerika-Haus München | November
  • “Narratives of Inequality from Grapes of Wrath to The Pursuit of Happyness
    International Conference Too Big to Ignore: Narratives of Inequality
    University of Freiburg | July
  • “The Romantic Tradition Meets Realism in 19th Century American Fiction”
    University of Salamanca, Spain | April
  • “Dream On: American Exceptionalism Reconsidered”
    University of Salamanca, Spain | April
  • “Facebook: Superpower, Stasibook, Cash Cow: On Performative Individualism and the Surplus Value of Friends”
    University of Freiburg | February


  • “Going to War. Trials and Tribulations in the Bush Era”
    University of Freiburg | December
  • “Icon Trouble: The Continuous Refashioning of Miss Liberty”
    Carl-Schurz-Haus Freiburg | November
  • “The Future of Class and Poverty Studies”
    FU Berlin | November
  • “Empathie, Imagination, Ästhetik”
    Semiotikkongress, University of Potsdam | October
  • “Down and Out in Ontario”
    University of Freiburg | July
  • “Tom Stone, Photography, and the Art of the New Documentary”
    University of Freiburg (FRIAS) | July
  • “Racism Made in America”
    Wort, Macht, Stamm: Rassismus und Determinismus in der Philologie des 19. Jahrhunderts
    University of Potsdam | May


  • “Bestsellers on America’s Working Poor: Documenting the Microcosm of Want”
    University of Freiburg (FRIAS) | December
  • “Vom Mythos des ‘American Dream’ und der Lebensrealität der Amerikaner”
    University of Freiburg | November
  • “Amerika und Trauma im 21. Jahrhundert”
    University of Hamburg | July
  • “Black ART-lantic”
    University of Erfurt | July
  • “The Culture of the Dispossessed: America in the Age of Obama”
    Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan | April
  • “Gang Tours, Obamaville, Skid Row: On the Paradox of Poverty Portraiture”
    Harvard University | March


  • “Representing the Nation: Poetry and the Struggle over Signification”
    Vienna University | October
  • “I Spy: It's Internationally Renowned, Female & All-American”
    University of Hamburg | May


  • “Lady Liberty: A Transnational Icon par excellence”
    FU Berlin | October
  • “Poverty and Transnational Perspectives in American Studies”
    University of Freiburg | December
  • “’Give me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses, Yearning to Breathe Free’: Towards a Transnational Visual Poetics”
    FU Berlin | October
  • “When Butler meets Barbie: Queering the All-American Icon of the Cheerleader”
    University of Freiburg: Geschlechterstudien (Vorlesungsreihe) | May
  • “Von amerikanischen Träumen und amerikanischen Räumen”
    Inaugural Lecture, University of Freiburg | February
  • “New Historicism Reconsidered”
    University of Freiburg: Literaturtheorie (Vorlesungsreihe) | January


  • “How Lohengrin Made it into The Souls of Black Folk
    International Conference African Americans in Berlin: The Story of an Intellectual Encounter
    J.F.K. Institute FU Berlin, November
  • “Diaspora Aesthetics”
    International Conference Narratives About American Art
    J.F.K. Institute FU Berlin | May
  • “African-American Migration”
    Carl-Schurz Haus Feiburg | January
  • “Some Don’t Like it Hot: Ein Que(e)rschnitt durch Hollywoods Filmgeschichte”
    University of Hamburg | January


  • “The Cryptic Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat”
    UCSB, Santa Barbara | October
  • “Pictures in a Floating World: Globalism in American Art”
    USC, Los Angeles | October
  • “Diasporic (Post-) Modernism: Aaron Douglas’s and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Grand Spectacles of the African Diaspora”
    INIVA Institute London | July
  • “The German DuBois”
    Cross-Overs Conference, CAAR, Münster | March


  • “Life, Diagnostics and Ways of Seeing in The Portrait of a Lady
    University of Hamburg | December
  • “A Poetics of Space”
    Workshop der ASA, Washington | November
  • “Area Studies in the USA”
    Konferenz des Wissenschaftskollegs zu Berlin: Die Zukunft der Regionalforschung
    Berlin | July
  • “Europeans at the Gate: On Transnational American Studies”
    University of Potsdam | July
  • “Alterity, Altruism, and Androgyny in The Scarlet Letter”
    University of Freiburg | June
  • “Ethnic Neorealism: New Trends in American Literature"
    University of Bielefeld | May
  • “The Sound of Post-Apartheid South African Fiction”
    DGfA, Frankfurt | May
  • “CrossRoutes of Transatlantic Scholarship”
    NYU, New York | April
  • “American Ethnicity: A Transnational vs. an Intra-national Paradigm”
    International Conference about European Perspectives on American Studies, FU Berlin | February


  • “Globalizing  American  Studies”
    Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa | December
  • “From the ‘Talking Book’ to Representing the Unspeakable”
    Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin | November
  • “The Black Atlantic – Theorie und Praxis schwarzer Identität”
    Host. Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin | September
  • “A New American Literature: Writing from the Margins”
    University of Basel | August
  • “Aesthetics and Politics: A Response to Leo Marx”
    J.F.K. Institute FU Berlin | April
  • “New Trends in American Studies”
    Munich University | February


  • “What Does Germany Have to Do with The Souls of Black Folk?”
    Bates College, Maine | October
  • “A Post-Nationalist Approach to American Literature”
    Dartmouth College, New Hampshire | October
  • “Towards a Postcolonial Aesthetics”
    University of Gießen | September
  • “Vernacular Aesthetics”
    Tagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien, University of München | June
  • “‘Race’ und ‘Gender’ im Konflikt”
    HU Berlin | May
  • “Comparative American Studies?”
    University of California at Irvine | April


  • “A Multicultural Aesthetics Before the Age of Multiculturalism”
    University of California at Riverside | March
  • “Deviant Divas”
    University of California at Irvine | February


  • “Response to Todd Gitlin and Susan Armitage”
    Transatlantic America Conference, University of Munich | July
  • “Du Bois in Berlin
    HU Berlin | June
  • “Reconsidering Modernism”
    University of California at Irvine | April


  • “Du Bois and his Student Years Abroad”
    W.E.B. Du Bois Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge | September
  • “Multiculturalism and the Visual Arts”
    J.F.K. Institute FU Berlin | July
  • “Du Bois in Berlin”
    J.F.K. Institute FU Berlin | July
  • “Recycling Radicalism”
    Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien, Uni Köln | June


  • “Josephine Baker: Mehr als Bewegung”
    Moveo, Berlin | December
  • “The German Du Bois”
    Trans-Coop Conference, Harvard University | September
  • “Hybridity: The Subtext of Modernism"
    Symposium on Hybridity, Ethnicity, Gender, and Ethics, University of Basel | July
  • “Odd Sisters: Anti- and Postfeminism”
    University of Warschau, Poland | May
  • “Celebrating the African Past, Performing the Black Vernacular”
    Workshop, EAAS Conference, University of Lisbon | April
  • “Primitivist Modernism”
    Columbia University, New York, March
  • “Jean Toomer”
    Harvard Conference, Sorbonne, Paris | January


  • "Negro’ or Mapping the Harlem Renaissance”
    CAAR Conference, Liverpool | April


  • “Mixed Media? Visual Media/Media Visions”
    University of Cologne | July
  • “Josephine Baker: The Ambassador of Jazz”
    Sorbonne, Paris | April
  • “From Waiting to Exhale to Waiting for Godot”
    Symposion zur Literatur der afrikanischen Diaspora, Salamanca | March


  • “Blurring Generic Boundaries”
    J.F.K. Institute FU Berlin | November
  • “Zora Neale Hurston: A Writer of Fiction and Anthropologist”
    Konferenz zu Literatur und Anthropologie, Universität Konstanz | October


  • “The Harlem Renaissance”
    NEH Seminar. Wheelock College, Boston | May
  • “Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”
    W.E.B. Du Bois Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge | October
  • “Performing Difference“
    J.F.K. Institute FU Berlin | June
  • “Die Ikonen der Moderne”
    Ringvorlesung, J.F.K. Institute FU Berlin | June
  • “Im Zeichen des FORDschritts”
    Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien, University of Münster | October