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Welcome to the University of Freiburg’s English Department!


Every semester, the English Department hosts students from countries both inside and outside the European Union. We are very grateful for the injection of knowledge and perspectives from individuals influenced by educational systems and cultural contexts other than our own. Their presence enriches our learning environment, and in many cases leads to successful and productive collaboration between students from different backgrounds.

Integrating into our academic system is usually not a problem. All our faculty and staff are aware of the potential challenges visiting students face and are eager to assist when necessary. For help with planning your studies, your first port of call will generally be the English Department’s administration and advising office. This is where European and international exchange programs are coordinated, and where free movers will find advice on their particular access route to English studies in Freiburg.

The only major potential obstacle to studying successfully in our department is an insufficient level of English language skills. Students pursuing English degree programs at the University of Freiburg tend to have had around 8 years of English instruction during grade school; many have lived or spent time abroad in an English-speaking country, and thus their command of both oral and written English is quite high, even before entering their first semester. In fact, students are only admitted if their TOEFL score is at least 90, 230 or 570 points (depending on the type of TOEFL taken). This means that our standards for language proficiency do not differ from those encountered at any reputable university in an English-speaking country. Therefore, we recommend that you assess your command of English before you set out to study with us, in order to avoid an unrewarding experience. If you intend to learn English from scratch or upgrade your basic English, you need to find an alternative institution that provides the desired type of instruction. You might not have to look far: the university's Language Teaching Centre (SLI) offers English courses (for a small fee) which may suit your needs.

The following pages provide incoming students, both Erasmus and free movers, with important information on the structure of their semester(s) in Freiburg, on ECTS, and on life in the city itself. For further information, please browse through the rest of our website.





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