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The full course catalogue of the University of Freiburg is available via HISinOne under "Studies Offered."

You can download the English Department's course offerings in PDF format via the following list. The current course catalogue is continually updated until the semester begins.

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Updates WS 2021/22

Last updated: 17 October

  • Room changes
    → Tutorial Doing Linguistics (Group 10): HS 1140, KG I (originally Hermann-Herder-Str.)
    → Workshop Praktische Grundlagen linguistischer Forschung: HS 01 011, Stefan-Meier-Str. 21 (originally KG I)
    → Tutorial Introduction to Literary Studies (Group 1): HS 1140, KG I (originally Hermann-Herder-Str.)
    → Lecture Introduction to Literary Studies: HS 1221, KG I (originally Aquarium)
    → Tutorial Doing Linguistics (Group 8): R 2, Universitätsstr. 5 (originally Hermann-Herder-Str.)
    → Foundation Course Grammar & Writing (Nagel): R 00 006, Wilhelmstr. 26 (originally HS 1032)
    → HS/MS Global London through Time: R 2, Peterhof (originally HS 1236)
    → Tutorial Literary Theory: HS 1236, KG I (originally Peterhof)
    → Tutorial Doing Linguistics (Group 7): Übungsraum 2, KG IV (originally Hermann-Herder-Str.)
    → HS/MS Linguistic Landscapes: HS 1234, KG I (originally Hermann-Herder-Str.)
  • Linguistics Haupt-/Masterseminar Sociophonetics
    → The seminar will take place online
  • Cultural Studies Proseminar | Neoliberalism – From Economics to Contemporary Culture
    → Change of instructional format: in-person (originally hybrid)
  • New: Linguistics Proseminar | Third Wave Sociolinguistics – Language Variation in Canada and the US
    → MO 10-12
    → Subject of this class will be how speakers belonging to different English-speaking communities in Canada and the US make use of linguistic and social practices to create and negotiate different identities. Identity, however defined, has been found to be more important in linguistic variation than traditional social variables like age, profession, place of residence, and class (Johnstone 2007: 54; Eckert 1988: 183). Therefore, we will look among other things at how "church ladies" mark themselves as separate from "porch sitters" playing with morphosyntactic and syntactic variables in a black Appalachian community (Mallinson & Childs 2007), how one Californian speaker reinvents his gay identity in different situations by shifting between vowels (Podesva 2011), how mobile Canadian speakers in NYC play with linguistic stereotypes in order to indicate their Canadian identities (Nycz 2018), how Mormons in Alberta display their religious affiliation by producing less raised vowels (Rosen & Skriver 2015), and how Chicana gang girls in California use creaky voice to create "hardcore Chicano gangster persona[es]" (Mendoza-Denton 2011).
  • HS/MS Linguistics | Sociophonetics
    → New Instructor: Miriam Neuhausen (originally Dr. Beke Hansen)
  • Linguistics Proseminar | Contrastive Linguistics. English – German
    → Scheduling Change: TU 12-14 (originally WED 10-12)
    New Instructor: Dr. Lotte Sommerer (originally Dr. Beke Hansen)
  • New: Cultural Studies Proseminar (British/Postcolonial & North American) | Oil Curse Dystopia – The Clash of Superpowers in a Doomed Mesopotamia (1921-2021)
    → TH 12-14, beginning on 11.11.
    → Only as Studienleistung
  • Survey of English Literature – Tutorial
    → Scheduling Change: WED 16-18 (originally TH 12-13)
    2 additional groups
  • Module 15 – Extended Studies and Practical Applications – Courses in Cultural Studies (B.A. maj.) & Module 5 – Electives in Cultural Studies (MiBNACS)
    Seminars added
  • HS/MS Heroes, Examples, Authorities
    Dates added
    Teaching methods updated


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