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The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS)

The University of Freiburg English Department is known for its high academic standards throughout Germany and Europe. In recent years department faculty members have been deeply involved in two special areas of research as well as in the organisation and development of research training groups for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Since the establishment of the “Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies”, funded by the German Excellence Initiative, a number of English Department professors and lecturers have been invited to conduct research at the institute’s School of Language and Literature. FRIAS provides top researchers from both Freiburg as well as universities around the world to pursue various research interests in an academic, collegial atmosphere without the burden of administrative duties. During these research sabbaticals, the English Department continues to offer its students competent educators and lecturers who perform the duties previously carried out by those professors on sabbatical. Students may elect to request professors and lecturers as examiners regardless as to whether they are currently located at the English Department or at FRIAS. Additionally, University of Freiburg students will have the unique opportunity to attend a wider range of courses due to guest professors and lecturers invited by the institute.


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