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Eucor – The European Campus


EUCOR Karte (en)5 Universities – 3 Countries – 1 European Campus:

Universität Basel | Université de Strasbourg | Université de Haute-Alsace
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) | Universität Freiburg


Experience international and intercultural variety during your degree program? Study across university and international borders? All this and more is made possible via Eucor's European Campus!

Thanks to the Eucor mobility program, your immatriculation at the University of Freiburg automatically entitles you to course participation at every university in the trinational Upper Rhine metropolitan region.

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OUTGOING STUDENTS | Further information

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INCOMING STUDENTS | Further information

  • The English Department's course offerings range from English language competence to literary and cultural studies and linguistics. You can find a complete list of Eucor offerings in our course catalogue.
  • Registration for English Department courses must take place by 1 April (for the summer semester) or 1 October (for the winter semester). Your primary contact person in the department is academic coordinator Sissy Braeuer.