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FRPEPP | Freiburg Roundtables: Political Influence, Plattform & Potentials




FRPEPP aims to familiarize students with the potentials of political influence, platform building and contemporary media literacy. Based on SEL methods, the goal is to investigate these potentials in various round tables with local, national and international social and political figures. All series of events will be recorded and made available to the public.


Do you have any ideas?


Do you have a topic that is a perfect fit for our project or a person in mind that you have always wanted to invite for a talk/presentation? FRPEPP should be as inclusive a project as possible so that we can give students and all other members of the university the opportunity to contribute with their ideas.

The possible formats are the following: 

  • Projects against discrimination
  • Events on public responsibility and outreach
  • Political literacy projects
  • Panel discussions
  • Lectures




Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
English Department

Rempartstraße 15
79098 Freiburg

Phone: 0761 - 203 3333
Instagram: @frpepp