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Why English, why Freiburg?

English, the world's language – Hollywood, Harry Potter or Hemingway, in the original language. You enjoy Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Zadie Smith and co.? You care about TV shows, not just Netflix & chill? You're interested in the development of the English language and you want to master English on the level of a native speaker? Then you've found the place to be: our English Department.

Literature and culture of English-speaking countries – Great Britain and the USA, Canada and Australia, South Africa and Jamaica. All with distinguished faculty and together with other students from 35 countries. The English Department of the University of Freiburg offers a longstanding tradition alongside national and international prestige. Whether in Literary Studies, Linguistics, Cultural Studies or language learning, the English Department fulfils its commitment to quality across the curriculum and attracts students with an exceptional diversity of teaching and research opportunities, not only enticing German and European students, but even persuades in the USA.

What are English and American Studies?

English and American Studies refers to the academic study of the language, literature and culture of the English-speaking world in the modern era and optionally in the middle ages.

English and American Studies serves as a blanket term covering the academic treatment of

  • English-language literature;
  • the development of the English language;
  • practical English language learning;
  • regional and cultural studies in the English-speaking world;
  • cultural, societal and political development in the English-speaking world.


In the late 1940s, American Studies developed as a separate discipline within English Language and Literary Studies. American Studies are concerned with the areas named above, but within a limited geographic area. As such, they're concerned only with English-speaking countries in North America, i.e. the US and Canada.

What English programs are offered in Freiburg?

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies (major and minor)
  • Double-Major Bachelor's in English (+ Teaching Option)
  • Master of Education in English
  • Master of Arts
    • in British and North American Cultural Studies
    • in English Literatures and Literary Theory
    • in English Language and Linguistics

You can find more information under programs of study.

Why Freiburg?

The University of Freiburg's English Department stands out due to its exclusively English-language course offerings.

Our language lecturers, who are responsible for the linguistic competence modules Speaking English, Grammar & Writing, Translation and Advanced Language Practice, are all native speakers. Our current lecturers are from England, Wales and the USA. Former lecturers were from these countries as well as New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

Right from the beginning, each undergraduate program provides a wide-ranging foundation in all main areas of English and American Studies – literary and cultural studies and linguistics – in order to offer you a comprehensive education. In later years, students may then choose an area of specialization.

Furthermore, Freiburg is simultaneously one of Germany's oldest university cities and home to the second-youngest population in the nation, and is counted as one of the prettiest cities in the country. Freiburg is the sunniest city in Germany and, thanks to its location within the Black Forest and in the trinational region alongside France and Switzerland, serves as a perfect starting point for a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Check out the following Instagram profiles for a taste of the city: die Insta-Profile von unifreiburgvisit.freiburgfudder_destadtbesten_freiburg

What should I bring to the table?

An above-average command of the English language in all areas – reading, writing, speaking and listening – is the basic requirement for studying in our department. In addition, there are a number of important skills students should nurture in order to successfully complete their studies. Here's what we mean:

Ideally, you should bring:

Willingness and the ability to

  • manage self-study
  • implement self-organization
  • cultivate self-discipline
  • develop self-reliance
  • consume and critically read extensive primary and secondary literature in the time given, i.e. understand, structure, summarise, interpret, deconstruct, analyse, describe.


In addition, we hope you bring:

  • Enthusiasm
    Interest in your program of study as well as the other areas of English studies (Literature, Linguistics, Regional and Cultural Studies)
  • Active participation
    Willingness and the ability to actively involve yourself in your courses
  • Knowledgeability
    The ability to stay informed about your program requirements, info sessions, course registration dates and other important deadlines

Online Study-Choice Assistant (OSA)

You're still unsure if English and American Studies is for you? Then check out our Online Study-Choice Assistant (OSA) for English studies (available in German only). The OSA can help you to determine your aptitude for English and American Studies and serves as the ideal foundation for your choice of degree program.

Universities in Baden-Württemberg require taking an online self-assessment test as part of the application process. The OSA fulfills this requirement.



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