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English Department | Administration and Advising Office

platform 9 34 ©braeuerThe Administration and Advising Office is the point of contact between the teaching and instructors in the Department and the university administration. We are your central point of contact for anything concerning your English studies. We have answers to your questions about studying in the department, and can advise you on potential uncertainty concerning university structures as well as your course of studies – particularly in the event of unavoidable deviations e.g. due to family, illness, time abroad, professional concerns, etc. – and we will support you as best as we can in matters concerning the university bureaucracy.

In principle, we are always available as your first point of contact and can help you find the right direction. Our trusted motto:

»Don't suffer in silence.«



Head of Administration / Academic Advisor


Dr. Gert Fehlner

R 4010 | KG IV

☎ +49 761 203-3331

Office Hours: Over the phone by appointment and via e-mail anytime

  • Contact Person for the Department within and outside the University
  • Personnel Management
  • Budget Management
  • Space and Security Representative
  • Exchange Programs/Partnerships
  • Degree Program Development
  • Change of Major/Minor
  • Transferring Universities
  • Recognition of Credit
  • Academic Advising for All Degree Programs

Administrative Secretary

bancherNicole Bancher

R 4012 | KG IV

☎  +49 761 203-3350
📠 +49 761 203-3340

Office Hours:
Monday & Wednesday 10am–1pm and 2-4pm, Friday 10am-1pm

Please note that university buildings are closed to the public until further notice. To make an appointment, please register in advance via email.

  • Our secretary is available to help with the following matters:

    • General information about studying English and our English degree programs
    • General inquiries from students and faculty
    • Issuing Scheine/transcripts and returning exams
    • Notarization and certification

Mailing Address:
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Englisches Seminar | Geschäftsführung
Rempartstraße 15
79098 Freiburg i. Br.

Academic Coordinator

braeuerSissy Braeuer, M.A.

Coordinator, Academic Program and Admissions Test

☎ +49 761 203-3319
R 4015 | KG IV

Office Hours: By appointment

Our academic coordinator is available to help with the following matters:

  • All issues relating to teaching and studying in the English department

– Course registration
– Course offerings
– Prüfungsordnungen (Programs of Study)
– Declaration/Registration of Studien- and Prüfungsleistungen (HISinOne)
– Registration for Prüfungsleistungen (LSF)
– Declaration of Studienleistungen (Departmental Portal)
– General information concerning exams
– Academic advising (all degree programs)

  • Application process (Bachelor) & English department admissions test
  • Webmaster
  • Social Media
  • Room reservation requests

open office hour

Administrative Assistant & Erasmus+ Coordinator

bantleSophie Bantle

R 4011 | KG IV

☎ +49 761 203-3337

Office Hours: Tuesday, 2-4pm & Thursday, 10am-12pm via Zoom |
Schedule an Appointment:

  • AREAS Coordinator for the English Department
  • Newsletter
  • Facebook
  • Management of Office Hours (Website)
  • Supports the Head of Administration and Academic Coordinator in all areas

As the departmental contact person for Erasmus+, our Erasmus coordinator is available to help with the following matters:

  • General questions about going abroad for students in the English department (semester abroad, internships)
  • Questions about planning your studies with a view towards studying abroad
  • Info sessions and application processes for Erasmus in the English department
  • Erasmus-supported mobility for English department faculty
  • Information concerning transfer credit for Erasmus courses taken abroad
  • Contact with previous Erasmus students / testimonials


  • Information about studying English in Freiburg
  • Orientation, course selection, and Learning Agreements for Erasmus students in Freiburg's English department
  • Guidance concerning problems encountered during an Erasmus stay in Freiburg
  • Transcripts of Records for Erasmus students in Freiburg's English department



The IT Guys

If we are not in our offices (as we are usually running around Hogwarts fixing things), just send us an email. Please do not throw your devices out of the window, do not hit them, and keep them dry – we will come to help you eventually.

Christian Kröper

Dawson Highland

Viktor Chwolka

Office Hours:

Monday 10am–12pm
Tuesday 2–4pm
Thursday 2–4pm
Friday 10am–12pm

Office Hours:

Tuesday 10am–12pm
Wednesday 2–4pm
Thursday 10am–12pm

Office Hours:

Monday 2–4pm
Wednesday 10am–12pm
Friday 2–4pm

  • ILIAS & E-Learning
  • Studienleistungsdeklaration
  • Website (Translation)
  • E-Learning, ILIAS & Zoom Support