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Kai Woodfin, M.A.

Kai Woodfin, M.A.

R 4219 | KG IV










High school graduation

1983 – 1985    

Liberal arts studies (history, Russian, linguistics & German) at the University of Texas, Austin, TX

1989 – 1992 

Student of Chinese and German at the University of Freiburg

1992 – 1996

Student of Chinese at Taiwan Normal and Chinese Cultural Universities.
Simultaneously instructor of English (University of Taiwan) and German (LTTC and Deutsches Kulturzentrum Goethe Institut)

1996 – 2000

Post-graduate student of Chinese and German at Freiburg University


Master's dissertation on the Taiwanese author Dong Nian

Fall 2002

Instructor of German at the Tang Ren Chinese School, Basel

2002 – 2005

Instructor of German at IES, instructor of English at Freiburg University

2005 –

Lecturer in the English department at Freiburg University


Co-initiator of workshop on "Intercultural Competence in the Curriculum in Advanced Language Teaching"