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Academic Writing Support


WHAT? The Academic Writing Support is a service which helps students here in the English Department with term papers, essays, book reviews, and more. In other words, the practical writing tasks in their classes.

You are welcome to drop by

  • empty handed to talk about your ideas, or lack of them;
  • with a rough idea of your structure to talk through;
  • with a draft version which you are still working on, but want initial feedback;
  • for a one-off consultation;
  • for regular visits over months to accompany your entire writing process.


Room 4005 | KG IV

WHO? Each academic year the English Department's Writing Support is offered by a PhD student/graduate from Purdue University.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate and contact our current academic writing instructor Charles Peck any time throughout the semester.

Please note: This is not a proofreading service and texts will only be read with the student present. The service is independent of departmental teaching staff.



The purpose of these courses is to help you improve your written communication in English, and to increase your proficiency in writing for academic audiences. This course provides an opportunity to draft and revise texts working towards final semester papers or, respectively, large final projects, such as a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis. The assignments and activities are applicable to a broad range of research areas (literary, cultural and linguistic studies). Although the course focuses on writing, students will also have opportunities to practice giving brief presentations in English.

You can find the courses on HISinOne via their titles. Depending on your study program, courses can count towards your studies:

  • MiBNACS – M5
  • MELLing – M7
  • B.A. major – M13, M14, M15
  • 2-HF-B – Sprachkompetenz Vertiefung
  • Erasmus & International students – Elective in Advanced Language Practice

Online Resources

No time to drop by any time soon? Here is a list of helpful online resources:

YouTube Tutorials

  • OWLPurdue | specific writing skills explained with examples simple exercises
  • Demarcations | specific writing skills explained with examples & exercises


Websites on Academic Writing




Help with Referencing, Citation Management, Avoiding Plagiarism