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Kerstin Fest

Dr. Kerstin Fest

Former positions at the English Department:



Since 2021

Project Manager & Lecturer
EPICUR European Universities Initiative

01.2017 – 02.2020

Assistant Professor
English Department | University of Freiburg
Chair: Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik

02.2013 – 12.2016          

Assistant Professor/Research Fellow
Collaborative Research Centre 1015 'Otium/Leisure: Concepts, Spaces, Figures' | University of Freiburg
Project B3 'Performing Idleness': British Theatre in the Eighteenth Century as a Space of Leisure, Idleness and Otium
Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

09.2011 – 02.2013

Department of German | University College Cork, Ireland

09.2006 – 09.2011

DAAD Lecturer
Department of German | University College Cork, Ireland
Co-funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

08.2001 – 07.2006

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant
Department of English | University of Freiburg

09.2000 – 05.2001       

Teaching Assistant
Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch | University of Minnesota, USA


08.2001 – 01.2006     

Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature (summa cum laude)
Thesis: "... And All Women Mere Players? The Construction of Feminine Identity in the Novels of Dorothy Richardson, Jean Rhys and Radclyffe Hall"
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik | University of Freiburg

10.2010 – 06.2011

Postgraduate Certificate for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
University College Cork

10.2005 – 06.2011

Master of Philosophy in English and American Studies and German Philology
Thesis: "The Making of a Schoolgirl – Stories of Female Boarding School Experience"
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Holger Klein | University of Salzburg

10.1997 – 06.1998                

Diploma of Advanced Studies in English Literature and German Literature
Oxford Brookes University, UK




  • ...And All Women Mere Players? The Construction of Feminine Identity in the Novels of Dorothy Richardson, Jean Rhys and Radclyffe Hall. Vienna: Braumüller (2009).

Collected Volumes

  • Feminism. Activism. Modernisms. With Sarah Hayden and Rachel Warriner (in preparation).
  • Leisure in the Eighteenth Century (in preparation)

Book Chapters

  • "Bless me Papa! What a strange place this is: Muße und Professionalität im englischen Metadrama des 18. Jahrhunderts" [Leisure and Professionalism in 18th-Century English Metadrama]. Burkhard Hasebrink and Peter Riedl (eds.), Muße im kulturellen Wandel [Leisure and Cultural Change]. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2014. 152-67.
  • "Dramas of Idleness: The Comedy of Manners in the Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Oscar Wilde". Monika Fludernik and Miriam Nandi (eds.), Idleness, Indolence and Leisure in English Literature. London: Palgrave, 2014. 154-73.
  • "Strumpets and Nightingales: The Amusement Parks of London". Frédéric Ogée and Peter Wagner (eds.), Der Garten im Fokus kultureller Diskurse des 18. Jahrhunderts. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2015. 101-14.
  • "'Let us not mix up heaven and earth, the global stage and the local scene, the human and the non-human': Transitory States in Gustav Mayrink's Der Golem". Daragh O'Connell and Michael G. Kelly (eds.), Comparative Becomings: Studies in Transition. Boston: Peter Lang, 2017. 278-301.
  • "Castle Rackrent". Ralf Haekel (ed.), Handbook of British Romanticism. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2017. 376-90.
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  • "Sichere Muße: Theorien zur Theaterarchitektur im frühen 19. Jahrhundert". Peter Itzen and Eva von Contzen (eds.), Kontinuität und Wandel von Vorsorgeregimen und Risikodebatten. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag (forthcoming)
  • "Oberland und Bloomsbury. Städtische und ländliche Muße in Dorothy Richardsons Pilgrimage". Tobias Keiling, Robert Krause und Heidi Liedke (eds.), Muße und Moderne. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2018. 161-72.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  • 'Broken Places: Post-Celtic Tiger Landscapes in the Novels of Tana French' (under review).
  • 'Angels in the House or Girl Power: Working Women in 19th Century Novels and Contemporary Chick Lit'. Women's Studies 38 (2009). 43-62.
  • 'New Women – New Artists? Femininity and Art in Christa Winsloe's Life Begins'. Germanistik in Irland 6 (2011). 137-51.
  • 'Yesterday and/or Today: Time, History and Desire in Christa Winsloe's Mädchen in Uniform'. German Life and Letters 65 (2012). 457-71.


  • "Alma López: Our Lady and Other Queer Santas." Enclave Review 4 (2011).
  • "The Cambridge Companion to Victorian and Edwardian Theatre. Ed. Kerry Powell." Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik 4 (2007). 445-46.