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Beat Bookclub

Beat Bookclub is a safe place for everyone who likes to read and discuss literature, founded by two MiBNACS students — Elina Chistiakova and Claire Steffen. The concept of the club is to make reading fun and entertaining. We will dive into the world of mostly American literature with the main focus on the Beat Generation writers and poets (hence the name). Apart from reading we’re going to watch theme-related movies and even try ourselves as beatnik writers.


Join us for the hitchhiking trips with Jack Kerouac around the US filled with Jazz, spirited drinks and talks; experiments with music and literary forms provided by William Burroughs and unlimited freedom in all known forms that was sung by Allen Ginsberg in so many of his poems. Cannot wait to see you all at our first meeting on October 25th! Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Elina and Claire



Wednesdays | 8 pm

October 25th:

Introductory session. Into the world of the Beat Generation

January 10th:

On the Road. Part 2

November 8th:

Jack Kerouac. King of the Beats. Style of writing

January 31st:

Dharma Bums. Part 1

November 22nd:

On the Road. Part 1

February 21st:

Dharma Bums. Part 2. Kill Your Darlings (film screening)

December 6th:

Gallery 6. Beatniks readings (discussing poetry)