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Old English Language Course and Book Club


Are you interested in the origins of the English language as you know it today? Have you always wanted to read texts like Beowulf in the original Old English language? The Old English Language Course and Book Club has got you covered! 

For the first few weeks, we will focus on the acquisition of Old English grammar and vocabulary, so that you have all the tools you need to translate an Old English text. We will start with little translation exercises and move on to small excerpts from original Old English texts. Finally (presumably at the beginning of 2022), the language course will transform into a sort of book club, where we each translate passages of Old English texts at home and then come together to discuss our various interpretations. While the course focuses on language acquisition, we will meet once a week. Once we move on to translations, we will meet a bit less frequently, so that you have enough time to work on the translations next to your regular coursework.

When? Weekly on Fridays | 10am c.t.

Where? Please send an email to , who will inform you where the group will meet that week.

Although regular attendance is important during the language part of the course, don’t worry if you have to miss a class or two!

This is a student-led initiative and you're very welcome to bring your own ideas and suggestions! If all this appeals to you, please contact