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Old English Book Club

beowulf_cropped.jpgAre you fascinated by the bewitching sound of Old English? Would you like to learn how to read Beowulf or the elegies in their original language?

Then you should join the Old English Book Club (OEBC)!


The Old English Book Club meets once a week to dive deep into Old English language, literature and culture. Whilst translation from Old to Modern English remains the key component of this book club, to meet the different interests of the group members, we alternate between grammar-focused sessions, devoted to various aspects of the Old English language, and literary-focused meetings, which allow us to close-read some of the masterpieces of Old English literature and place them in their socio-cultural context.

In the summer term 2023, we will read a selection of riddles and some of the touching elegies from the Exeter Book, extracts from the fascinating “Wonders of the East”, and much more!

Our first meeting in the summer term 2023 will be on Friday, 28th April at 10 c.t. We can then choose together a different time if another weekly slot fits better.

Please note that no previous knowledge of Old English is required.

To register, please contact or .